Product Visualization

Product Visualization: The power behind engaging customer experiences

With MediaRich, e-catalogs can provide a significantly more engaging experience. Customers on a MediaRich-enabled web site can explore and interact with products in a variety of ways. MediaRich currently powers some of the largest B2B portals, web 2.0 infrastructures and websites in the world. Customers see your products up close and personal Customers examine the merchandise up close. With just a mouse click, they can zoom into and pan across clear, detailed product images to make informed buying decisions. Research proves that customers, who trust what they can see, will buy more and return less. What your customers see is what they get Increase purchasing confidence and reduce returns by enabling customers to interact and examine product detail. MediaRich lets your customers interactively examine your products by dynamically generating Web-optimized images and videos from high-resolution originals. Spend your time developing compelling content that sells Price tags, corporate logos and other product highlights can be placed on top of an image, making visually compelling product displays. Designers keep control of location, opacity just like working in Photoshop. MediaRich enables marketing managers to easily modify images to include sales and promotional information with text controls for color, font, and copy. Unicode characters are supported for double-byte languages. Aggregate, transform and personalize content Aggregate and transform content dynamically and efficiently. Information can be personalized and delivered to visitors based on their preferences, or distributed and syndicated with a distinct look for particular web sites based on pre-set business rules. Automatically convert product images from vendors, manufacturers, distributors and other sources into standard Web-ready formats — resized and optimized for your site. More than 400 image, media, document and video file formats are supported. Back to Use Cases

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