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By enabling people to zoom in to check out the thousands of products from the more than 350 designers on, we are creating a more intimate shopping experience, and in turn, increasing conversion rates. Since we first implemented Equilibrium’s dynamic zoom and pan Web templates as part of our multi-channel merchandising strategy, we have consistently increased average order sizes and gross margins from the previous quarters

Marty Keane, Senior Vice President of E-commerce, Bluefly

Many Consumer Products, Retail and eCommerce companies are investing in solutions that automate business processes and improve customer relations. By doing so, they are decreasing production and management costs and streamlining processes while realizing significant increases in revenues.

Equilibrium helps accelerate time-to-market for critical product launches and marketing campaigns improving

approval workflows to streamline production nd reduce costs. Quickly and easily locate media assets by browsing thumbnail previews and accelerate the approval process with threaded discussions, alerts, check-in/check-out functionality and version history. Equilibrium helps Consumer Product, Retail and eCommerce companies engage in B2B and B2C digital commerce and online retailing including multiscreen and affiliate marketing.

MediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint help provide consumer products and retailing organizations with a centralized management resource for digital media files and the underlying metadata and by providing facilities for discovery, access, editing, sharing, reuse, distribution, and archiving of rich media assets. MediaRich Server and MediaRich for SharePoint products help centralize key assets and execute the associated requests for those key assets to make sure that are consistently communicated throughout the organization and externalized through the website, advertising, customer programs and positioning statements. Equilibrium’s products help synchronize inventory and brand experience on the Web, in stores and on mobile devices.

MediaRich Server 4.0 with the new A/V CORE had an immediate impact in server resource reduction, speed of processing, next generation automatic mobility, simplified administration and setup. So much so, that we decided to take it right to production with a few weeks of testing, during our busiest shopping season and will never look back

Erik K. Schaeffer Lead Systems Engineer

MediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint help increase user interaction and engagement management for global brands from within a single IT platform. MediaRich extends SharePoint Portal Server so that organizations, from small work groups to large enterprises, can manage all corporate brand assets in a secure environment by leveraging Microsoft Windows Active Directory for security, user roles, and account management.

And Equilibrium’s products help increase productivity with powerful search tools including image-specific metadata

Use metadata specific to images for more accurate search results. Extend powerful SharePoint search capabilities with MediaRich metadata support to both read and write industry standard image and video metadata and to provide thumbnail previews in your search results of the most popular file formats. Preview and play any video file when the appropriate player is installed.

A smarter shopping experience is driven by the promotional and merchandising effectiveness of the consumer goods, retailer or eCommerce Website. Equilibrium helps to drive profitable sales growth within these organizations by helping to deliver targeted promotions and synchronize inventory and brand experience on the Web, in online Web stores and mobile devices.

Designed to meet the unique requirements of catalogers, retailers, direct marketers, and manufacturers, Equilibrium’s products enable merchants to enhance the customer experience online while dramatically improving their buying experiences. MediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint provide image production tools that engage viewers in captivating online shopping experiences, highlighting product images and features to their full potential. With just a roll of the mouse, shoppers can see the finest details of any product image, helping to instill confidence in the quality of their selections before they purchase. By exceeding shoppers’ expectations with compelling visual product displays, powered by Equilibrium’s UniZoom™, for zoom & pan, buyers are less likely to return items.

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