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Centrally Access Files Anywhere Without Downloads, Plug-in’s, Syncing Apps, Attachments in e-mails. Create A Secure Single-Source-Of-Truth Inside SharePoint Online, OnPrem or Connect to Any Other System. MediaRich AEC Solutions Solve and Accelerate Your Workforce Content Access and Security Problems.

By adding MediaRich’s view anywhere technology (UniZoom Mobile) and their UniZoom AEC, our architecture and construction teams had a single source of truth, could access securely from a centralized portal all files WITHOUT having to download them resulting in dramatic collaboration acceleration and substantial productivity gains for our company – 15,000 Workforce, 500 Construction Projects, 1.5 Million Drawing Files

Equilibrium’s Industry Solutions for AEC manufacturing and construction,& enable employees and business partners to share knowledge, collaborate in the context of business processes and form proactive teams that view, prepare, process and exchange multimedia for the purpose of improving productivity of specific LOBs. Equilibrium’s patented UniZoom AEC viewer provides in-process access to drawing data of all sizes, provides a single source of truth and enables secure viewing of files in low bandwidth situations.

The entire Equilibrium product line helps manufacturers integrate disparate media systems for improved collaboration to build and manage the life cycle of your products. For use in manufacturing, MediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint can help create a unified repository to store unstructured content and deliver it to business users in the proper format all within the context of familiar applications to fit the way people and teams work together.

MediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint and EQ Network for video management and delivery can help businesses more effectively communicate and collaborate with product managers, engineering, both domestically and internationally. From product planning through the entire product lifecycle, MediaRich and MediaRich for SharePoint turn content into usable assets by making unstructured content easier to find, access, and reuse within a manufacturing organization.

Equilibrium’s product line allows manufacturers to share content with customers, partners, and suppliers across the enterprise through more effective management of the product content during its creation, capture and storage. Equilibrium enables streamlined multimedia management leading to increased productivity for manufacturing, marketing and sales teams.

Equilibrium’s UniZoom AEC™ provides instant access to drawings of all types in the field directly from a SharePoint Portal or integrated into any system with our MediaRich Upload and Publish capability.

With UniZoom AEC™ you can:
  • dynamically update access to all your PDF’s with relative linking and without having to physically download the files
  • quick and painless viewing with “read-only” capability over as little as a 4G network (securely enabling access to workers in the field with BYOD)
  • ability to open 300+mb pdf’s that were not even able to download or view before
  • consistent, any-OS, access from a single window to the whole dashboard of files of files with page index support, back, next and prior page, and thumbnail viewing WITHOUT having to download any files
  • full page viewing from any screen
  • dynamically resized controls based on device or screen resolution
  • automatic extraction and back-end correction of inconsistently linked files (Links to external files referenced in the same directory for example). These links CRASH preview on any Mac device and in many cases PC’s using Acrobat reader will also crash. With Equilibrium’s UniZoom viewer with AEC link extraction, all files are dynamically normalized creating a consistent reliable viewing experience that is always current!
  • low memory and standard equipment enablement provides all-user access. No matter what their browser or hardware, the system delivers a useable viewing experience currently unavailable with plug-in’s or acrobat.
  • no adobe acrobat, or special reader is required anymore. Users always get the latest and greatest file and don’t have to download gigabytes of drawings that will potentially be out of date at any time.

Here’s a sample UniZoom view of a very large file which has BlueBeam links in it. This is in our SharePoint product and also can be added into any app, SAP, Oracle interface, IBM iPortal or website initiative with our MediaRich API’s or our new simple MediaRich Upload and Publish capability:

Each time you upload a file into any Equilibrium solution, MediaRich& extracts the links and then show you which are active and available by checking relative locations on disk or& SharePoint. Red means “no file linked”, Gray means you can click on the associated construction drawing.

New mobility BYOD support features: The ability to use gesture support to navigate from mobile devices… Ingest videos from any format or device to provide centralized site inspections, view with any device with full HTML5 support.

Created in-concert with a 2 Billion Construction company with 500 major construction sites, 1.5 million drawings and 14,000 users, we can scale to meet any configuration required. UniZoom AEC adds to the capabilities of our MediaRich ECM for Sharepoint combining the added benefit of handling the viewing and self-service access of over 400 other filetypes from anywhere. It is perfect for any company doing Architecture, Mining, Exploration, Engineering, or Construction of any kind.

Most importantly, UniZoom AEC& enables you to leverage any existing configuration of files that might already be loaded into you& SharePoint environment as our InstantOn capability does all the work in-place. No need to re-ingest. Just turn it on, and you immediately have a visualized library AND enterprise search upgrade for all your users.

Key Benefits for AEC Companies:

Enable single-source-of-truth for all construction or engineering departments in-field UniZoom AEC™ enables all your drawing files (PDF, SVG, DXF) to be viewed anywhere, right from within SharePoint or any other environment, website or portal. Secure your important files, making them read-only, while providing BYOD support for easy access of large files over virtually any connection.

Provide partners and remote sales teams access to brand assets through a centralized corporate portal Collaborate on assets with customers and partners to strengthen business relations. Businesses can protect brand asset integrity while providing a Web-based environment for both partners and remote sales force to access and use brand assets within defined corporate guidelines.

Reuse brand assets eliminating errors and duplicated work Protect the commercial value of media and reinforce consistent branding with MediaRich by displaying media previews of all popular image and video file formats. Enable non-technical information workers to update and manage visual content without burdening the art department.

Control digital media assets corporate-wide within the SharePoint environment MediaRich extends SharePoint’s document collaboration capabilities to create a powerful, yet cost-effective digital asset management solution (DAM). Remove the added cost of training, maintenance and support of a third party system for media asset management.

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