No syncing, downloading or apps required. View all files right inside of SharePoint Online. Simple, secure, from any OS browser or device. Collaboration heaven has arrived for Office365.

Have your Office 365 Admin deploy the OneViewer Add-In. Then turn it on in any library. This is what you get:

UniZoom™ HTML5 Provides View Anywhere

Low bandwidth hinted delivery eliminates file-size issues, provides BYOD support natively from O365. Soft proof and review just about any file type, Adobe PDF, EPS, Illustrator, InDesign, Drawing, Microsoft Office, AutoCad Exchange, SVG, Visio and over 230 Camera formats.

Minimize Downloads Maximize ROI

Patented dynamic content RenderStream™ technology enables 400 file types to be viewed with a tap, without browser plug-ins, software, downloads or apps. Even large files >200MB can be viewed over low bandwidth connections from anywhere. Start OneViewing!

Centralize don't Synchronize

Provides secure, single-source-of-truth for final assets delivered to partners or in field workers, agencies, or employees. This virtually eliminates unnecessary downloads. Maximizes your existing Microsoft investment, reducing bandwidth and sync storage charges and eliminating security holes.

Change You Can See Without The Wait

The instant light table view makes it easy to find and view files during collaboration initiatives, you can save incredible amounts of time with review and approval processes, always have a single source-of-truth to leverage version control and publishing features in SharePoint Online.

Speed Your Workflows With OneViewer Mobile

Transform Nintex or other workflow systems with OneViewer content visualization e-mail integration to accelerate and deliver speedy workflow results without all the clogged e-mails, securing your content and documents until they are published.

Free to Try - Easy to Install - Just Add-In

Just sign up for our Free 30 day trial with monthly or annual billing. Have your admin install our SharePoint Online Add-In and turn it on in any EXISTING library or create OneViewer Libraries. Perfect for b-to-b portals, human resources, project libraries or contract libraries - scales to any size. Put all file types in ONE library!

Benefits For Any Department or Use Case

Finally, there's a way to use SharePoint Online to collaborate quickly and easily without constantly hunting for files or downloading over and over again. Just add MediaRich OneViewer to any area in SharePoint InstantOn and make collaboration easy and enjoyable.
Create quick portals for teams to work on all project files in one place.
Quickly provide communications center that everyone will want to use.
Review and approve anywhere without downloading files.
Why MediaRich OneViewer?

Why MediaRich OneViewer?

The technology powering OneViewer is behind some of the largest websites and b-to-b portals in the world. Now available for the first time to Office 365 SharePoint Online Customers - OneViewer provides an Instant way to eliminate unneeded synchronizing and providing all device viewing to all your content in a single project location. Save time and money by leveraging your existing Office 365 Account. Turn OneViewer on today enables all your users to review and approve content from anywhere, without apps, download or third party software. Works on any Office 365 account from Business Essentials all the way up to E5!


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