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Life Science & Pharmaceutical research and development is focused on the goal of protecting and improving health and well-being. Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical companies are continuously searching for the safest, fastest and most cost effective methods to bring quality drugs and medical devices to market. Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer health, generics, eye care and animal health products are developed under tight deadlines, competitive pressures and regulatory compliance. Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals work to ensure consistent revenue streams, speed production and delivery of products, minimize disruption and adhere to FDA guidance, compliance & regulatory requirements such as Current Good Manufacturing Processes (CGMP), (GxP) and 21CFR11. Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals multimedia management systems solutions require delivery of a unified, configurable, multimedia control platform for marketing, R&D, clinical systems, health data, as well as trial outcomes and health research to enable researchers to gain insights into the viability, safety, and efficacy of new and existing therapies. Equilibrium can help drive greater discovery productivity and regulatory compliance through its extensive product line of multimedia applications and video everywhere technology.

Management of Life Science & Pharmaceutical marketing, sales and support resources including project multimedia, requires media file management the enables instant visibility, inspection and the ability to transform assets in real time for immediate use. Equilibrium can provide organizations with a centralized management resource for digital media files and the underlying metadata that provides discovery, access, editing, sharing, reuse, distribution, and archiving of rich media assets so they can be consistently communicated throughout the organization and externalized through the website, advertising, customer programs and positioning videos. MediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint help Life Sciences businesses accelerate multimedia management so they can face the daunting array of challenges, like expanding content requirements, compressed deadlines, and workflow inefficiencies, and address the growing multiscreen user base. Equilibrium enables the use of higher-quality creative tools, quicker cycle times, and simultaneous distribution of media on multiple devices.

MediaRich Server, MediaRich ECM for SharePoint accelerate multimedia projects through the “self-service” creation of graphics and videos for use in product images, videos, marketing collateral, and presentations for Web, print, and multimedia. This ensures that everyone in a Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical organization works under the same media management guidelines, eliminating the dilution of brands assets by using the same corporate-agency approved original images and videos.

In addition, Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals can secure their assets using MediaRich Server with enterprise content management functionality for Web content management, document and imaging management, digital asset management, and records and retention management—on a single, unified platform. This infrastructure allows customers to fully leverage content management investments across the organization and throughout various applications by managing a global brand from within a single IT platform. MediaRich extends the SharePoint Portal Server so that organizations, from small work groups to large enterprises, can manage all corporate brand assets in a secure environment and leverage Microsoft Windows Active Directory for security, user roles, and account management.

Training of Life Science & Pharmaceutical teams and individual representatives requires that they have the ability to view training materials like highly effective HD video, everywhere, regardless of which device they are using: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and larger screen monitors. The MediaRich product line along with EQ Network provides powerful end-to-end processing that is required to make image and video everywhere a reality for Life Science & Pharmaceutical teams.

Research professionals, as well as testing laboratories can easily capture and share research media in secure, authenticated HIPAA format private channels via today’s commonly available mobile devices.

Equilibrium’s advanced image and video management systems can provide hospitals, academic & research institutions and advanced medical research clinics with the capability to secure, transform and share media that is generated as a result of clinical trials. HIPAA Privacy Rule compliance, including: right to view and protected health information (PHI) copy availability, requires that multimedia stored as part of an EMR, EHR, must be protected under HIPAA, EQ Network can help. EQ Network can help Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical organizations conform to HIPAA PHI compliance guidelines with private channel authentication and controlled access to protected video.

Research professionals, as well as testing laboratories can easily capture and share research media in secure, authenticated HIPAA format private channels via today’s commonly available mobile devices.

Equilibrium’s extensive product line can enable researchers, participating physicians, nurses and other authorized users to securely share multimedia across a research organization.


Provides partners and remote sales teams access to Life Science & Pharmaceutical brand assets through a corporate portal

Collaborate on assets with customers and partners to strengthen research and business relations. Organizations can protect brand asset integrity while providing a Web-based environment for both partners and remote sales force to access and use brand assets within corporate defined guidelines.

Control digital media assets corporate wide within the SharePoint environment

MediaRich extends SharePoint’s document collaboration capabilities to create a powerful, yet cost-effective digital asset management solution (DAM). Remove the added cost of training, maintenance and support of a third party system for media asset management.

Equilibrium’s products help increase productivity with powerful search tools including image-specific metadata

Use metadata specific to images for more accurate search results. Extend powerful SharePoint search capabilities with MediaRich metadata support to both read and write industry standard image and video metadata and to provide thumbnail previews in your search results of the most popular file formats. Preview and play any video file on any device automatically.

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