Premium Video Content Delivery & Monetization

Premium Video Content Delivery & Monetization

MediaRich Automates content and video asset management automatically, saving a ton of R&D expense and providing scalability automatically.
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EQ Network™ (EQN) can automatically deliver personalized, HD, premium and social video to multiple screens simultaneously. Content providers like Studios, Broadcasters, Publishers and Advertisers can quickly and easily leverage EQ Network’s platform service, at a fraction of the high cost of standard hosted video infrastructures or internally developed video hosting systems.

Film, Home Entertainment, Broadcast, News and Cable TV can use EQ Network to distribute and deliver, SD and HD quality, short and long form, on-demand video to multiple devices with self-service administration.

EQ Network provides a video service platform that’s easy to use, provides an instantly shareable, visually compelling viewing experience, while enabling end-to-end viewer management, content control and monetization.

Video everywhere is the ability of viewers to instantly share and view premium and social content in a multi-screen environment. EQ Network enables Studios and Broadcasters to simultaneously deliver, control and monetize HD premium video in a multi-screen environment while maintaining viewer continuity.

Quick and easy ingest 4K Video, assemble custom video, share everywhere and control.
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EQ Network has developed and patented a massively scalable automated video network service to

solve the complex problem of seamless, simultaneous video delivery on mobile devices, the Web and “over-the-top” connected TV, all from a single instance of the viewer’s account. Simply login to your EQ Network account and all of your videos, available shows and latest releases can be there for your viewers in one place.  No syndication partner required.

Delivered as a cloud based network service, EQ Network enables its viewers to easily upload and share from just about any video source, filetype or camera. EQ Network automatically assembles premium, social and advertising content on-the-fly. EQ Network connects viewers via Facebook® and Twitter® and other social networks enables video discovery through fans and friends, following and video search. EQ Network is completely customizable and has API’s to integrate the network into your apps and corporate private video initiatives. See the API’s.

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