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MediaRich Automates content and video asset management automatically, saving a ton of R&D expense and providing scalability automatically.
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We enable video to be sourced from groups to centralized locations easily

By directly sourcing video from viewers, EQ Network enables Studios, Broadcasters, Music and Book Publishers to listen to their audience via directly sourced video feedback. Viewers create and upload videos into public or private channels and express likes, dislikes or video commentary directly into public or private channels. Listening for viewer sentiment captured directly into uploaded video commentary clips and text based comments on specific videos. Crowd sourcing allows Media and Entertainment companies to build audience through social video expression and create influence videos.

Events, such as music concerts, film festivals and even movie premiers can be promoted and highlighted like never before. By creating an EQ Network crowd sourced video channel, promoters can generate hyperactivity amongst enthusiastic fan bases that can instantly and automatically share via all the major social networks. With EQ Networks local Crowd Sourcing capability, geographically defined channels are easy to create for concert and festival events where attendees share sense exclusivity while sharing a dramatic experience.

EQ Network combines premium and social video including crowd sourced video to create a truly unique solution for Media and Entertainment companies.

Video everywhere provides Studios and Broadcasters with the ability to simultaneously deliver, control and monetize HD premium video in a multi-screen environment while maintaining viewer continuity. Video everywhere from EQ Network enables viewers to comment on and instantly share and while viewing premium and social content in a multi-screen environment.

Set up an account in minutes, create a private video channel, invite groups to contribute or follow, get notifications when new videos arrive, share time-to-live and/or views max links, auto version/assemble, replace-in-place and more. An all-in-one, cost effective system for managing digital dailies and getting approvals from team members.

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