Luster National and Equilibrium Partner to Launch Next-Generation Quality Management System (QMS)

QMS enables unprecedented levels of transparency, collaboration and approval within all phases of the quality management process on premises or in the cloud

San Francisco, CA – August 4, 2020. Luster National, Inc. (Luster), a Program, Project, and Construction Management firm, and Equilibrium (EQ), a digital transformation and teleworker solutions company, todayannounced the launch of QMS, a next-generation quality management system. QMS is a force-multiplier that can stand on its own or serve as a system-agnostic middleware which quickly enhances any legacy platform and provides point-to-point quick access, collaboration and workflows for quality management programs and projects. The system operates both on premise or in the cloud and is highly customizable and scalable. 

After years of development to create a focused QMS based on EQ’s digital asset management product, Luster added what they have found missing in the construction industry from their deep experience in quality management. The result is a risk-based, ISO 9001:2015 automated quality management system with integrated digital transformation and teleworker capabilities that streamline the production and deployment of media assets to enable dynamic collaboration and access from anywhere. EQ’s patented MediaRich Server and OneViewer™ with RenderStream™ technology makes QMS the one true collaboration tool that centralizes all files and enables reviews and approvals without downloads, synching, plug-ins or apps. This centralizes feedback without the confusing and laborious process of having to download files during the QC process. No longer do users have to provide feedback via emails and disjointed workflows that inevitably become very disorganized and fragmented.  The goal of this partnership is to accelerate the global AEC industry clients into digital transformation while enabling the necessary centralized review and approval processes with audit capability to drive the execution support via Luster’s team of quality management personnel. This is done with proven time-tested technologies utilized by companies like SC Johnson, Architect of the Capital, Boeing, Sony Pictures, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Department of Energy.  

QMS is an ISO 9001:2015 process-based quality management open API system that is centered on risk-based thinking.  The system follows an automated process of sequential reviews and approvals associated with the ISO, “Plan – Do – Check – Act” model designed to direct and control how quality policies are implemented and  objectives are achieved.  Luster and EQ’s approach to quality management is intended to collaboratively manage and mitigate risk through consistent application of strong sequential workflows, compliant file naming conventions, processes, procedures, collaboration-anywhere enablement and smart file management tools, all in one system.  

“To be effective in the management of all processes and ensure planned and expected outcomes are achieved, Quality Management must be a holistic tool employed across all program and project systems,” said Ron Brown, Vice President of Major Projects at Luster National. “Every aspect of a disciplined program or project must be viewed through a quality lens. That’s why we collaborated with Equilibrium to make it happen, because we were unable to find it in the AEC industry.  This allows our own and our clients’ program, project and quality management teams to ensure our customers’ expectations are met and aligned throughout the entire program and project delivery process.”  

“We are excited to accelerate global AEC industry digitization efforts by providing the technical foundation for this next-generation quality management system,” said Oliver Jensen, Director of Product Management at Equilibrium. “By partnering with Luster, we are able to offer a true 360-degree approach to quality management and even provide the digital implementation and execution of complete best practices, processes, and procedures with their team.”  

Large project scale, delivery challenges, a rise in risk transference, and the continued critical talent shortage is forcing the AEC Industry to rethink how to deliver programs.  With many of us working remotely, a much more resilient IT infrastructure that can respond to the known and unknown constraints placed on our work environment was required.  Moreover, QMS delivers users a collaborative environment to store, manipulate, analyze, annotate, distribute, and convene recurring or impromptu meetings all without having to leave the system.  Likewise, QMS provides its users an enhanced experience by eliminating the need to move in and out of project management systems in order to manipulate and/or share a file.  Additionally, any size video or file can be stored and viewed on-the-fly. 

Luster teamed with EQ due to EQ’s 25 years of proven experience and its patented technology stack. EQ’s AEC viewer provides in-process access to schedules, BIM files, contracts, governance documents, budget and cost data, videos and images of any size. It provides a single source of truth and enables secure viewing of files in low bandwidth situations. Users can dynamically update access to all PDFs with relative linking and without having to physically download the files. Full-page viewing from any screen dynamically resizes controls based on device or screen resolution, while automatic extraction and back-end correction of inconsistently linked files including BlueBeam link extraction. All files are dynamically normalized, creating a consistent reliable viewing experience that is always the current version. Low memory and standard equipment enablement provide all-user access. No matter what browser or hardware, the system delivers a usable viewing experience currently unavailable; No Adobe Acrobat, No Office Suite, No image or video conversions, No synching of large amounts of records to multiple destinations, and No special application software is required anymore. Users always receive the latest file and no longer have to download gigabytes of drawings that could potentially be out of date or deal with files in emails all the time. 


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