Matthews – SGK Renews Preferred Partnership with Equilibrium

A renewed relationship with Equilibrium has been established for next generation end-to-end publishing, volume processing and instant collaboration capabilities

San Francisco, CA, AUGUST 28TH, 2019 – SGK, a leading global brand development, activation and deployment company, has renewed its preferred partner relationship with Equilibrium, a leading provider for visual asset management solutions to some of the largest media brands in the world. The relationship dates back to 2010, when Schawk Digital Solutions, a subsidiary of SGK, first licensed Equilibrium’s MediaRich® Server software.

Equilibrium’s Mediarich product line provides normalized visualization of over 400 file types, including all video content. Along with an enhanced set of self-service asset management capabilities, MediaRich Publisher enables efficient, speedy end-to-end content transformation, instant tethered publishing and batch processing of image, pre-press and on-line content from the original format to any final output requirement, including web, print and video. In addition, real time centralized and secure HTML5 annotation is now possible for easy soft-proofing and feedback collection during workflows to streamline approval processes and provide secure mobile access no matter where a content approver or reviewer is located.

“Our renewed partnership with Equilibrium will give us the opportunity to consider Equilibrium’s many visualization and automation solutions to drive future innovations for our client base,” said Gary R. Kohl, President of SGK

“Equilibrium’s customers are generally dealing with many files of varying sizes,” said, Sean Barger, CEO of Equilibrium. “This partnership with SGK is the perfect combination of the best in worldwide brand management companies selecting the best automation, mobility and content pipeline delivery solutions to create even more value. We look forward to working with SGK.”

About SGK
SGK is a leading global brand development, activation and deployment company that drives brand performance. By creating brands, helping sell brands, producing brand assets and protecting brand equities, SGK helps their clients achieve higher brand performance. SGK’s global footprint spans more than 20 countries. SGK was formerly marketed as Schawk, Inc. and is a division of Matthews International Corporation.
About Equilibrium Software
Founded in 2004, Equilibrium® is a pioneer and leader in developing automated content processing solutions – software that streamlines the production and deployment of document, packaging, web and video assets. Equilibrium’s automated end-to-end processing solutions enable companies to increase business productivity and reduce costs associated with any kind of digital media production, management and storage. Equilibrium is currently powering some of the largest B-to-B portals and ecommerce websites in the world, including Warner Bros, Walmart, Department of Energy, Adidas, Reebok and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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