DeBaBelizer Pro and Lite

The World-Standard Automated Media Processor for Mac and Windows has been replaced by MediaRich HotFolder

After 21 years of publishing, development for DeBabelizer has been discontinued and we recommend reviewing the MediaRich Server Product line below, which is very actively developed. These are server side and desktop solutions that CAN run on virtual or desktop machines and folders can be shared from AWS or internally inside your organization. They can be installed on modern OS X, Linux and Windows OS’s for accelerating and connecting content preparation and delivery to websites, SharePoint and our new MediaRich Hot-Folder for blindingly fast Batch Processing of image, animation and A/V Core 2.0 for advanced transcoding and frame-based auto assembly of video files. MediaRich HotFolder is at least 100X faster than DeBabelizer Pro and can be set up for centralized processing for entire organizations easily.

DeBabelizer Pro was originally released in 1992 and has been developed constantly by Equilibrium in one form or another for over 21 years. It was an incredible run. Now, Equilibrium MediaRich solutions process more content in a single day via MediaRich All Media Servers then was processed in a year with the hundreds of thousands of DeBabelizer users. We are proud of the DeBabelizer legacy and are proud to be re-inventing the future of automated media processing with the MediaRich Server and EQ Enterprise Cloud Video Platform called EQ Network, and now Equilibrium launched for quickly adding auto-conversion for any filetype into any website in minutes!

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MediaRich HotFolder

DeBabelizer on steroids with the flexible power of MediaScript server-side high AND desktop speed processing. Handles complex rendering (PDF, EPS, Illustrator, PS files), renders office files such as word, excel, power point files to images and pdf’s, handles over 50 video filetypes, including auto-assembly technology, and has more supported filetypes than DeBabelizer. If you don’t need a UI and would rather have vast quantities of content processed much faster than DeBabelizer, this may be the solution for you.

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MediaRich Server

Gain total control of your videos, images and media by automating asset processing directly to your site or devices on-the-fly. A dramatic departure from old-school batch processing techniques, let MediaRich Server do the work instead! By replacing requests for pre-processed media files on your web pages or CMS system, the Patented MediaRich Server dynamically processed the content and can dynamically deliver new versions to website’s on-the-fly enabling just-in-time preparation of content and zoom-and-pan and other dynamic features quickly and easily WITHOUT having to do any work. All derivative content is automatically managed by the built-in scalable cache management system which makes website content changes a breeze.

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MediaRich ECM for Sharepoint

Upgrades SharePoint document libraries and search enabling visual collaboration while adding DeBabelizer-like digital asset management functionality. For those who have SharePoint in-house, can now have the power of DeBabelizer-like scripting called “MediaScript” and the ability to bake it into SharePoint with self-service and MediaBatch™ processing instantly! Also upgrades and makes SharePoint more useable by all at the same time with the proprietary cache management system which generates and manages all the visualization of content in SharePoint at scale for any sized enterprise, while also providing a Search upgrade, with thumbnails everywhere and UniZoom™ and HTML5 video support instantly in SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

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DeBabelizer Pro is Copyright 1992-2018. Equilibrium. DeBabelizer is a registered trademark of Equilibrium. All Rights Reserved

Any third party unauthorized download areas for the sunsetted DeBabelizer Pro will be pursued and taken down.

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