Blindingly fast batch processing of image, animation, video or documents for desktop and server

The replacement for our beloved DeBabelizer®. MediaRich Hot Folder enables mountable, desktop or server batch processing end-to-end workflows with a single drag and drop.

End-To-End Content Files Batch Processed and Delivered By MediaRich HotFolder

From the makers of DeBabelizer – HotFolder now works on any Desktop!


Fast and flexible end-to-end content processing

MediaScript™ provides unlimited flexibility to process and generate new images and video.

Content Meets Intelligent Automation

Content Meets Intelligent Automation

With the powerful procedural MediaScripting language you can automate any amount of operations, including metadata extraction and embedding, rendering of Adobe PDF, or image. Even transcode video with intelligent auto-assembly with automatic merging and more.

Process Content Fast From Any Source

Process Content Fast From Any Source

450+ image, media, Microsoft Office document and just about any video file formats supported. Over 20 years of legacy file type support is included ensuring the widest possible filetype recognition and support. 64 bit technology enables processing of just about any file size.

Render Any Language and Deliver Anywhere

Render Any Language and Deliver Anywhere

Font rendering and multi-language support ensures MediaRich Hot Folder can process files and re-render them into new forms at any quality. Unzip files, auto-assemble video from multiple sources, read and convert huge Photoshop files for web, including layers and more.

Mount folders on any desktop

Automate routine preparation of content to accelerate any business process.

Prepare PDF's and Power Point Graphics

Prepare PDF’s and Power Point Graphics

For Execs and Information Workers

Flatten PhotoShop Layers and save to PNG's

Flatten PhotoShop Layers and save to PNG’s

eStore Graphics Updates and Publishing

Ingest Videos and Normalize for Archiving

Ingest Videos and Normalize for Archiving

Social, Broadcast and Security Video Managers

We wrote the scripts so you don’t have to

Includes dozens of MediaScripts for instant processing for most common tasks. If you have team members who know JavaScript, they can easily create and modify MediaScript. The batch processing is so fast, you will not believe how much work your teams can accomplish with just a single MediaRich HotFolder. Up to 20 HotFolders per CORE can work in parallel. Centralize on a server or run on any desktop machine. Users simply mount the folder they need on their machine, and drag n’ drop the original assets into it. Process and output to a local directory, or save to any AWS EC2 or Azure Datalake location. SFTP is supported for automatically uploading into FTP locations with your file naming and metadata embedding requirements. Completely end-to-end automatically.

HotFolder Workflow Steps