Content Repurposing

Content Repurposing: Syndication across the organization and beyond

MediaRich automates image and video processing, enabling syndication of rich media assets across an entire organization and beyond – to any device, anywhere. MediaRich enables businesses to dynamically repurpose marketing collateral and promotions for use in online catalogs, print, or multimedia, and mobile devices as well as for use on affiliate websites, intranets, extranets, and portals. Print on Demand/Email on Demand MediaRich can be used as a core component to create a Web-accessible variable content composition and distribution engine that combines integrated page layout, font generation, and image editing capabilities for a “distribute and print” solution. Directly integrate real-time data to segment, create, preview and publish to any email solution or printer. Syndication Simplified. For companies that syndicate their product information through multiple channels and across affiliate, supplier, and partners’ websites, MediaRich provides unlimited control over how images and videos are displayed on their websites and on partners’ websites. This allows a company to simply match a deployment’s specific design requirements.

Translate your Website into a language everyone understands: Higher ROI and quick global updates

Global organizations require an open, scalable digital asset solution that leverages existing content management investments for brand consistency across geographic markets Navigate the global market with template driven localization With MediaRich, media assets and navigation elements template web teams can quickly update content and control the presentation of brand assets throughout the site in multiple languages. MediaRich supports Unicode international character enabling template driven text and graphics for navigation in different languages. company to simply match a deployment’s specific design requirements. Translation on request and on-the-fly Easily connect third-party translation software by accessing the translation API exposed over HTTP, COM or XML Web Services from custom content management scripts and functions. By sending translation requests to the translation software, the content management application retrieves translated text and dynamically presents this as a MediaRich image, text graphic or navigational element in the appropriate language on-the-fly. Back to Use Cases

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