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Advertisers, which rely considerably on media, entertainment and publishing companies to deliver their messages, are responding to the shift to digital business, in a dramatic way. Changes embraced by the digital viewing audience and readership are forcing traditional media, entertainment and publishing companies to transition into unprecedented new models of interactivity and viewer choice. Web and Social Media companies have forever changed the mindset of traditional media, as viewers are no longer content to watch TV Shows or Films on a single screen at a set time of day or to sit down and finish a newsaper.

The new class of viewer that has selected Mobile, Web and OTT TV to access premium and social video is challenging the status quo. Mass-marketing paradigms are no longer effective in reaching this emerging class of viewer.

EQ Network understands the revolution in media and entertainment and corresponding shift in the way advertising is consumed. EQ Network has been designed to leverage new advertising models and improve the impact of existing digital advertising. Using our award winning lineup of products: MediaRich Server, MediaRich for SharePoint, MediaRich HotFolders and EQ Network Advertisers and Marketers are making gains in productivity.

EQ Network with Ad-Per-View can automatically assemble video campaigns with on-the-fly, in-stream loading and viewer micro-targeting for local, hyper-local with opt-in Ad delivery. Ad supported viewing is managed via EQ Network’s patented and patent pending dynamic Ad insertion functionality, Ad-Per-View®.

With Ad-Per-View, an advertiser can execute campaigns with extremely low, upfront costs. EQ Network is the first video service that eliminates pre-preparation of videos and Ad insertions. EQ Network is an integral part of the complete end-to-end solution strategy of Equilibrium. You can publish videos directly into EQ Network to provide complete hosted video functionality pushed directly from inside of SharePoint or MediaRich Server in other systems.

MR_ECM-SP-HomeMediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint help creative, branding, design, relationship marketing, field marketing, promotional marketing and media services to:

  • Reduce high of cost image and video production and media storage MediaRich for SharePoint reduces the time and cost of locating, modifying, managing, and deploying media assets, in a secure self-service portal.
  • Increase productivity with powerful search tools including image-specific metadata Use metadata specific to images for more accurate search results. Extend powerful SharePoint search capabilities with MediaRich metadata support to both read and write industry standard image and video metadata and to provide thumbnail previews in your search results of the most popular file formats. Preview and play any video file when the appropriate player is installed.
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