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When world vision needed to increase awareness about child sponsorship, they turned to MediaRich by Equilibrium. MediaRich helped facilitate the visualization and distribution of their massive collection of child stories, images and videos to reach more sponsors than ever before. In the end, MediaRich facilitated the processing of over 40 million videos and image renditions and the results was a 29% increase in donations and 16% attachment rate on renewals was garnered on 2.6 billion in donations.

Public Sector organizations including government agencies at all levels are under intense pressure to make better choices, deliver results and demonstrate accountability across the board.

Equilibrium can provide government agencies and other Public Sector organizations such as education, with a centralized management resource for managing digital media files and the underlying metadata that facilities the discovery, access, editing, sharing, reuse, distribution and archiving of multimedia including high definition video assets.

Public Sector organizations including justice, public safety, defense, intelligence, transportation, planning and environmental oversight organizations are reliant on wide variety of media to execute daily operations. These organizations need to manage and control content, make processes more agile, and empower workers and elected officials to make faster and better decisions. Equilibriums products enable improved decision making through the interpretation of timely, accurate information in the form of multimedia management. MediaRich Server and MediaRich for SharePoint can help Government, Education and other Public Sector organizations make extensive use of enterprise content management, in particular for Web content management, document and imaging management, digital asset management, and records and retention management. Equilibrium provides this functionality all from a single unified platform. This architecture allows customers to fully leverage content management investments across the organization and throughout various applications.

MediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint can help improve response times through rapid multimedia search, discovery, conversion and share. When your content files are scattered across many different repositories you can save time by automating hundreds of tasks that analysts currently do manually. Equilibrium’s MediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint can help Governments and Education make more effective use of multimedia content by instantly connecting usable content directly to the people that need it most.

MediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint provide extensive collaborative capabilities to deliver better results for the common processes across federal, state and local governments. And they enable agencies to perform core administrative processes utilizing a common multimedia management system like MediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint to rapidly visualize, inspect, transform, share and utilize text, images, and audio/video.

Equilibrium accelerates productivity in the Public Sector

Control digital media assets corporate wide within the SharePoint environment

MediaRich extends SharePoint’s document collaboration capabilities to create a powerful, yet cost-effective digital asset management solution (DAM). Remove the added cost of training, maintenance and support of a third party system for media asset management

Equilibrium’s products help increase productivity with powerful search tools including image-specific metadata:

Use metadata specific to images for more accurate search results. Extend powerful SharePoint search capabilities with MediaRich metadata support to both read and write industry standard image and video metadata and to provide thumbnail previews in your search results of the most popular file formats. Preview and play any video file if the appropriate player is installed.

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