About Us

At Equilibrium we’re passionate about business acceleration and automation. We focus on powering your next generation end-to-end content delivery, enabling our customers to save time and money quickly and at scale.

Founded in 2004, Equilibrium® is a pioneer and leader in developing and patenting automated media processing solutions – software that streamlines the production and deployment of media assets. Equilibrium’s automated imaging, video and sound solutions enable companies to increase business productivity and reduce costs associated with digital media production, management and storage. Equilibrium works to create value through experience, expertise, and a passion for media processing. Our Server can be deployed and connected to any system. Our ECM/DAM system is build directly into any SharePoint environment to provide immediate benefit to the SharePoint community.

We promote success for our customers by:

  • Eliminating high-cost image, video and audio preparation and deployment through reliable, fault tolerant, scalable automation software
  • Dramatically accelerating time-to-market for publishing rich visual content delivered anywhere, including broadcast, web, wireless and devices
  • Providing interactive and engaging online functionality. Our server software is used by some of the largest and most innovative companies in the Global 2000
  • Creating new and easier ways to market and sell products
  • Access and control imaging, audio and video files via your DAM, web interfaces, inside of Microsoft SharePoint or Interactive Media Management system
  • Offering significant return on investment in a very short period of time

What We Do

Equilibrium (EQ) currently powers some of the largest B2B portals and websites in the world. Equilibrium’s core application is MediaRich for the automation, transformation, and delivery of high definition video, audio, image and text media — in use at hundreds of entertainment, media, consumer product, and marketing companies.

We have locations in the US and Europe.

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