Take User Productivity and SharePoint Online Adoption to the Next Level

MediaRich OneViewer for Microsoft Office 365is a game changer. Our patented dynamic content rendering technology makes the seemingly impossible – possible, instantly providing your users something to smile about.With a click of the MediaRich Instant-On button, MediaRich OneViewerfor Office 365changes the way you use SharePoint Online from start to finish. Simply put, the OneViewer solves the #1issue companies face today with any collaboration system: You can’t see what you are collaborating on, find the file you need, or have to constantly download files creating a lot ofdifferent versions all over the place! With OneViewer, the support for over 400+filetypes means that you are able to visualize files in-place your Office 365Standard Document Library or MediaRich OneViewer Library(mobile included) without having to download thefile or have the app to view specific file types. This makes review and approval easy, and enables you to confirm the file is right before you download for editing.

InstantOn in your existing libraries

InstantOn™ Everywhere in SharePoint OnlineInstantOn_green

Just have your SharePoint admin install the Add-in, and go to any library where you want MediaRich OneViewer enabled. Then just click the OneViewer InstantOn button. AnyStandard Document Library list can be upgraded and adds the MediaRich Light Table view. After accessing this feature, there is no need to loadassets into a new library. You will instantly see thumbnails from any browser (including mobile) in the existing location of these files. By applying Instant-On, users have the power to view, and step through all pagesin any file. Allyour original files reside safely in SharePoint and the MediaRich OneViewer hosted service does the rest automatically.


Change you can see




OneViewer makes Office 365 Your ProjectContent Hub

Instantly transform any library for secure GDPR, HIPAA, and Sox compliance for mobile enablement and View Anywhere capability directly in your current Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online

Click on the thumb in the new library and OneVieweris responsive for both in-page and all- device experiences automatically

No App or Software is required for OneViewer’sconsistent View Anywhere™experience. Once your administratordeploy’s the OneViewer Add-on all files will getpreview thumbnails. Simply clicking on the thumbnail brings up the dynamic gesture supported view-anywhere technology. It’s now possible to view from any device and from anywhere, even over low bandwidth as the dynamic hinted file-streamingdelivers small packets of file data from your secure Office 365 library.

All browsers and multi-device support, universal RenderStream™technology, with gesture support on mobile platforms and gesture enabled desktops and tablets, including new full-screen capability. You can view and annotatejust about any format including over 400+supported file types, deeply inspect any file, without having to download thefile, and without all the bandwidth, easily moving around the page within a browser pop-up on any device. With our patentedauto-conformance technology in OneViewer, you can be on a 4g cel connection and view a file that is 100’s of megabytes in size, as easily as viewing a small jpeg! Multi-page file types are automatically detected, and the system will show the multi-page interface when more than one page exists.Previewindividual pages of Office documents, full PowerPoint presentations, Photoshop files, Adobe Illustrator, SVG, government formats, 230 camera formats whichhelps you quicklyfind the exact asset you are looking for. This helps to reduce time and bandwidth with unnecessary downloads and enables information workers easy access for quick approval.

NEW Annotate Anywhere provides powerful centralized annotation for all file types OneViewer Supports

Whether you are working on packaging, AEC construction drawings, simple document review, brochures, huge posters, pre-press or soft proofing, whatever the case may be, the new annotator functionality is simple but provides a lot of value. Imagine easily centralizing feedback on any document, brochure, photo shoot, multi-page file: What if you need to give live feedback from construction or civil engineers from anywhere back to the master drawing team: All built on and connected to your already existing SharePoint Online. Annotation administrators, contributors or read only, or no access is all easily configurable for any group. Let Your SharePoint Admin Know Here

RenderStream™ Technology- The Rule Changer

Keep Files Centralized and Create a Real World Self-Service Environment

You don’tneed to have Office Web Apps to view your files and see what’s inside.No need to separate into different libraries. No syncing needed, or special software. No more downloading files you don’t want, or that aren’t ready. What you see is what you get!As new versions get uploaded, we update the OneViewer to reflect all the changes, making it possible for quickiterations ofpackaging, construction drawings, office documents, images,scans etc. Patented UniZoom technologydynamically normalizes all content files and provides high quality viewing andthumbnails which are customizable (you can change how big the renders are, and what resolution you want at any time), creating a consistent reliable viewing experience that is always current without the need for special applications or readers. This means users always get the latest and greatest file while avoiding downloading gigabytes of potentially out of date content. MediaRich OneViewer for Office 365 enables business users to manage a single IT platform for all corporate media assets, providing dramatic reduction in corporate content production costs. This provides enterprise organizations with many advantages:
    • Reduction of IT support costs by providing a single content platform for multi-channel marketing needs
    • Removal of the added cost for training, maintenance, and support of a third-party system for digitalasset review
    • Global brand management from within a single IT platform
    • Equilibrium MediaRich technology extends SharePoint Online and enables firms to manage all corporate brand assets in a secure environment. Businesses can protect brand asset integrity while providing an environment for both partners and internal users to access and use brand assets within corporate guidelines

Enables Visual Workflows Using Nintex or other Workflow Systems Right in Office 365

Cutunnecessary steps out of your workflow with OneViewer visual workflow enablement. Combining the power of the MediaRich Server with content management, you can ensure that the most current,approved brand asset is being used by taking advantage of the SharePoint routing and approval process, version control, and check-in/check-out system. These workflows, combined with the UniZoom OneViewer interfaces, provides the widest audience possible with a trouble-free review and approval experience. Furthermore, your organization can create customized SharePoint workflows to integrate with other business information systems. Equilibrium Solutions Group can help you create workflows for artwork, contract, human resources, scan review or other complex business processes for easy workflow adoption and huge productivity gains. Or we can provide you with the information you need to achieve those workflows yourself, an example of what you can do with MediaRich OneViewer enabled:
  • Add MediaRich Preview Thumbnails in Workflow emails for all single and multi-page file types (Adobe, Office, Images, PDF files) – makes e-mails clear as to what file is needing attention
  • Add MediaRich UniZoom™ enables view anywhere approval to a Nintex or Other workflow’s Notification Mail Body
  • Add MediaRich UniZoom to the workflow approval viewing area
  • Enable soft-proofing of very large professional formatted content
  • Review and approve without file download and without custom apps or software
  • Accelerates your approval pipeline for products, contracts, image and logo approvals, etc.

Supported Formats

MediaRich supports over 400+image, Office, Drawing (SVG, WMF, Autocad Interchange – IMF, EMF) and Camera RAW file types are supported.

View or Download this file to see all of the Native Image filetypes supported by MediaRich products

File Extension File Format Description Category Read/Write
MediaRich Native Image Filetype Support
3FR Hasselblad Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
AI Adobe Illustrator Drawing-Vector Read
ARI ARRI Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
ARW Sony Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
BMP Windows Bitmap Image Read/Write
BTF BigTIFF Image/Multi-page image Read
BW Silicon Graphics Image Image Read
CMYK Raw CMYK Image Read
CR2 Canon Raw RAW Camera Image Read
CRW Canon Raw RAW Camera Image Read
CS1 Sinar Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
DC2 Kodak DC25 Raw RAW Camera Image Read
DCR Kodak Digital Raw RAW Camera Image Read
DNG Digital Negative Digital Negative Read
EPS Encapsulated Postscript Drawing-Vector Read
EPSF Encapsulated Postscript Drawing-Vector Read
ERF Epson Camera Raw Format RAW Camera Image Read
FFF Hasselblad Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
GIF GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) Image/Animation Read/Write
HDR High Dynamic Range Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
IA Rollei Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
IIQ Phase One Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
IND InDesign Document Thumbnails Image Read
INDD InDesign Document Thumbnails Image Read
J2C JPEG 2000 Stream Image Read
J2K JPEG 2000 Image Read
JCC JPEG 2000 Stream Image Read
JP2 JPEG 2000 Image Read
JPC JPEG 2000 Stream Image Read
JPE JPEG Image Read
JPEG JPEG Image Read/Write
JPG JPEG Image Read
JPX JPEG 2000 Image Read
K25 Kodak DC25 Raw RAW Camera Image Read
KDC Kodak Digital Raw RAW Camera Image Read
MEF Mamiya Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
MOS Mamiya Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
MRW Minolta Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
NEF Nikon Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
ORF Olympus Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
PBM Portable Bitmap Image Read
PBMA Portable Bitmap+Alpha Image Read
PBMB Portable Bitmap Binary Image Read
PCT Mac PICT Image Read
PCX PC Paintbrush Image Read
PDF Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Read/Write
PEF Pentax Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
PICT Mac PICT Image Read
PIX Alias Workstation Image Image Read
PNG PNG Image/Multi-page image Read/Write
PPM Portable Pixel Map Image Read
PS Postscript Portable Document Read
PSB Photoshop Large Image Format Image Read
PSD Photoshop Image Read
QTK QuickTake Digital Camera RAW Camera Image Read
R3D REDCODE Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
RAF Fuji FinePix Raw RAW Camera Image Read
RAW Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
RDC Ricoh Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
RED REDCODE Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
RGB Silicon Graphics Image Image Read
RGBA Silicon Graphics Image w/ Alpha Image Read
RW2 Panasonic Lumix Raw RAW Camera Image Read
SGI Silicon Graphics Image Image Read
SR2 Sony Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
SRF Sony Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
SRW Samsung Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
STI Sinar Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
TF8 BigTIFF Image/Multi-page image Read
TGA Targa Image/Animation Read
TIF TIFF Image/Multi-page image Read
TIFF TIFF Image/Multi-page image Read
WBMP Wireless Bitmap Image Read
X3F Sigma Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
MediaRich Document, Spreadsheet, Drawing, Presentation Filetype Support
123 Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Read
602 T602 Document Word Processing Read
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile Presentation Read
CSV Text comma separated values (CSV) Spreadsheet Read
DOC Microsoft WinWord 5, 6.0/95, 97/2000/XP Word Processing Read
DOCM Microsoft Word 2007 XML Word Processing Read
DOCX Microsoft Word 2007 XML Word Processing Read
DOT Microsoft Word 95, 97/2000/XP Template Word Processing Read
DOTM Microsoft Word 2007 XML Template Word Processing Read
DOTX Microsoft Word 2007 XML Template Word Processing Read
DXF AutoCAD Interchange Format Drawing-Vector Read
EMF Enhanced Metafile Drawing-Vector Read
HWP Hangul WP 97 Word Processing Read
MET OS/2 Metafile Drawing-Vector Read
ODG ODF Drawing, ODF (Impress) Drawing-Vector Read
ODM ODF Master Document Word Processing Read
ODP ODF Presentation Presentation Read
ODS ODF Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Read
ODT ODF Text Document Word Processing Read
OTG ODF Drawing Template Drawing-Vector Read
OTH HTML Document Template HTML Read
OTP ODF Presentation Template Presentation Read
OTS ODF Spreadsheet Template Spreadsheet Read
OTT ODF Text Document Template Word Processing Read
PCD Kodak Photo CD (192×128, 768×512, 384×256) Image Read
PDB AportisDoc (Palm) Word Processing Read
PMD Adobe PageMaker Drawing-Page layout Read
PGM Portable Graymap Image Read
POT Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP Template Presentation Read
POTM Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 XML Template Presentation Read
POTX Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 XML Template Presentation Read
PPS Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP Presentation Read
PPSX Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP Presentation Read
PPT Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP Presentation Read
PPTM Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 XML Presentation Read
PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 XML Presentation Read
PUB Microsoft Publisher Drawing-Page layout Read
PXL Pocket Excel Spreadsheet Read
RAS Sun Raster Image Image Read
RTF Rich Text Format, RTF (OpenOffice Calc) Word Processing Read
SDP StarImpress 4.0/5.0 Presentation Read
SDW StarWriter 1.0, 2.0, 3.0-5.0 Word Processing Read
SGF StarWriter Graphics Format Drawing-Vector Read
SGL StarWriter 4.0/5.0 Master Document Word Processing Read
SGV StarDraw 2.0 Drawing-Vector Read
SLK SYLK Spreadsheet Read
STC OpenOffice 1.0 Spreadsheet Template Spreadsheet Read
STD OpenOffice 1.0 Drawing Template Drawing-Vector Read
STW OpenOffice 1.0 HTML/Text Template HTML Read
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics Drawing-Vector Read
SXC OpenOffice 1.0 Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Read
SXD OpenOffice 1.0 Drawing, OpenOffice Impress Drawing-Vector Read
SXG OpenOffice 1.0 Master Document Word Processing Read
SXI OpenOffice 1.0 Presentation Presentation Read
SXW OpenOffice 1.0 Text Document Word Processing Read
THM Digital Camera Video Thumbnail Image Read
UOF Unified Office Format spreadsheet, text, presentation Spreadsheet Read
UOP United Office Format presentation Presentation Read
UOS Unified Office Format spreadsheet Spreadsheet Read
VSD Visio Drawing-Flowchart Read
VSDX Visio Drawing-Flowchart Read
WB2 Quatrro Pro 6.0 Spreadsheet Read
WBK Microsoft Word Backup Word Processing Read
WK1 Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Read
WKS Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Read
WMF Windows Metafile Drawing-Vector Read
WPD WordPerfect Document Word Processing Read
XBM X Bitmap Image Read
XLC Microsoft Excel Chart Read
XLC Microsoft Excel 4.x-5.0/95/97/2000/XP Chart Read
XLM Microsoft Excel Macro Macro Read
XLS Microsoft Excel 4.x-5.0/95/97/2000/XP/CSV Spreadsheet Read
XLSB Microsoft Excel 2007 Binary Spreadsheet Read
XLSM Microsoft Excel 2007 XML Spreadsheet Read
XLSX Microsoft Excel 2007 XML Spreadsheet Read
XLT Microsoft Excel 4.x-5.0/95/97/2000/XP Templates Spreadsheet Read
XLTM Microsoft Excel 2007 XML Template Spreadsheet Read
XLTX Microsoft Excel 2007 XML Template Spreadsheet Read
XLW Microsoft Excel 4.x-5.0/95/97/2000/XP Spreadsheet Read
XML DocBook, Microsoft Excel/Word 2003 XML Word Processing/Spreadsheet Read
XPM X PixMap Image Read

MediaRich® OneViewer ™ supports the most popular image, video, Microsoft Office and online file formats,

Including native Photoshop® and Illustrator® files. Designers can work in the original file format of any size and color mode (paletted, RGB, CMYK).

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