Why you need OneViewer

Easily add MediaRich OneViewer for Office 365 functionality to provide what your users expect directly in your centralized file repository in Office 365. Change all your libraries to enable business users, pro users or executives to view content for approval anywhere without downloading, syncing, plug-ins or apps.

Put the Flow in Workflow & Collaboration

Ensure that the most current, approved brand asset is being used by taking advantage of SharePoint, Nintex or other routing and approval process, version control and check-in/check-out system. With OneViewer’s view-anywhere technology, workflows are quickly accelerated and self-service is enabled all in one integrated system.

Work with 400+ Image, Video, Document and Media File Formats

OneViewer supports more than 400 file formats and goes well beyond SharePoint OneDrive File viewers, to provide thin-client previews, CMYK images, Vector images such as Adobe Illustrator®, SVG, Autocad DXF or Microsoft Visio, as well as layered Photoshop® files along with related metadata. OneViewer supports all popular file formats for Web, print and wireless use including BMP, WBMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PCT, TIFF, PDF, TGA, or EPS files. Additional file formats include RAW camera, DNG, and JPEG 2000 support. Large images as well as Microsoft Office documents of any size and type are supported. Dynamic RenderStream™ technology delivers content fast to any device, enabling true read-only support, mobility and BYOD capability.

Microsoft Office Support

Preview individual pages of Word® and Excel® documents or full PowerPoint® presentations to guarantee that you find the exact asset that you are looking for. This helps to reduce time and bandwidth with unnecessary downloads and enables information workers to access individual slides to add to a presentation.

Search & Browse Your Library

Regardless of original image file format, view a thumbnail preview or zoom in for detailed inspection. This enables fast search & find and saves incredible amounts of time for all your Office 365 Users.

Macintosh and BYOD Support

Helps integrate the use of Macintosh computers in your Office 365 environment with a special uploader. It is designed so that folders of documents and images may be ingested from any computer. Most importantly, once uploaded the HTML5 viewer works in any device with gesture support and provides user a seamlessly integrated viewing capability that brings an unprecedented ROI for any company wanted better SharePoint adoption and employee productivity.

The combination of Equilibrium’s fundamental technologies combined with EQ Solutions Group’s high-quality specification, delivery process, consistent resources has enabled us to speed up our product pipeline while also making our environment stable and scalable. Their ability to recommend best practices, bring in the right software and engineering resources while having extensive technology of their own is a powerful combination. It has enabled us to execute on a series of complex workflow developments while cleaning up our environment. Our internal resources can concentrate on their areas of expertise while ESG delivers on methodical change management. The ESG team has become an invaluable resource for our production pipeline. – Sean T. Hare, Director of Applications Development

E. T. Browne Drug Company
See How EQ Solutions Group Transformed E.T. Browne’s Workflows for 2,000 products and 24,000 items

Why MediaRich OneViewer for Office 365 Provides an Incredible ROI

MediaRich OneViewer is the only fully integrated solution for SharePoint users that delivers a host of time and cost savings. By making the whole enterprise more productive, it creates a rewarding experience for companies.

For Creative, Marketing and IT Professionals

MediaRich OneViewer is embedded into the fabric of SharePoint and scales for deployment from small teams to full enterprise implementations.

When it comes to viewing the content, the UniZoom™ viewer shows you in-place previews of Office, Adobe® files, PDF, CMYK, and other bitmap formats without downloading heavy files on both desktop browser and mobile. The UniZoom™ viewer is HTML5, providing seamless viewing without the need to install plug-ins, install software or download the files themselves in most cases making executive, legal, project management, reviews and approvals a snap.


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