Batch Processing

Batch Processing: Automate image and video processing across the enterprise

Say good-bye to old school workflow Generate and serve images and videos for Web, print, or wireless devices. MediaRich® replaces traditional image and video processing methods by automating media processing workflow operations. This significantly reduces costs and dramatically improves scalability. Images, Media and Video. Meet Batch Automation By automating the process of creating, “mass customizing” through templating for images and videos, customers have dramatically reduced both the time and costs associated with image and video production and distribution. Derivatives that work. One image to any size, format or resolution From a single original image or video file, MediaRich processes derivatives – in any size, format, or resolution – in a significantly shorter time and at a lower cost compared to their manual workflow. Embed watermarks and metadata on-the-fly. With its open architecture, MediaRich works easily with watermarking technology (e.g. Digimarc) – embedding watermarks on-the-fly as images are dynamically generated. And, with integrated support for accessing ODBC databases, MediaRich communicates directly with an image library database, automatically incorporating metadata onto images. Cut production time and files system maintenance Cut production time by pre-processing the derivative images and videos Decrease file system maintenance by the Web Department. MediaRich increases the quantity and speed at which images and videos can be made available to internal customers, affiliate partners, and advertising agencies online. If you only want easy desktop or server batch processing with drag n’ drop hot-folders that provide blindingly fast content processing and end-to-end delivery from mountable folders for your workers, the MediaRich HotFolder product is part of the full MediaRich Server, or you can get the lower cost product that doesn’t have all the api’s of the full server. Here’s the full detail behind the MediaRich HotFolder product: Back to Use Cases

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