Here are demonstration videos and information about all the different components of the full MediaRich Server.

MediaRich Server A/V with GPU accelerated transcoding is the fastest, most capable All-Content Server on the Planet…period.

The full MediaRich Server comes with:

  • Merchandizer providing all dynamic thumbnail generation and responsive mobile with UniZoom™ view anywhere and UniZoom AEC for handling the viewing of linked PDF’s and large drawing files (or any files with links in them) over low bandwidth connections and on any device
  • HotFolder Batch Processing – Our DeBabelizer® replacement which enables super-fast batch processing with centralized mounted folders for all users to drag files into on their own desktop. This can be purchased separately – Go to the Product Site
  • Dynamic Responsive Mobile Images and in-page UniZoom instant publishing capability for your web content. This solves the problem of having to produce all kinds of multiple image sizes. Just deploy our embeds and forget about it. MediaRich just does all the work for you for ANY SIZE WEBSITE – See Interactive Demo
  • Upload and Publish Portal for securely controlling and publishing content instantly providing a simple way to quickly ingest and publish content to anywhere. Upload hundreds of file formats, instantly generate your embed for any type of need into any CMS, web page, Word Press, Drupal, Alfresco or any web infrastructure. It will save you many hours per-asset, provide a better user experience immediately and pay for itself by not only eliminating waste in your production cycle, but ALSO increase sales, decreasing returns and enabling a truly dynamic responsive website without all the work! – Watch the Video Demo
  • Video Publish Portal for automatically assembling and publishing video content providing a simple way to create auto-assembly video profiles and publish video content automatically for any need. Like dynamic imaging, but for video preparation and deployment into any video service, or our own EQ Network (which takes all the pain out of publishing video content and sharing to Facebook or Twitter and even comes with full API’s for building your own enterprise apps OOTB!)
  • Full API support for .NET, C#, COM, Java and web services. MediaRich Server can integrate into any back-end you have today, and is routinely used to help upgrade and migrate existing environments into new systems providing the seamless integration into both at the same time.
All in a comprehensive, scalable publishing platform that meets any volume requirement and is MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE THAT YOU THINK! CALL US and we will help you set it up quickly! 1-855-EQUILIB or +1 415-332-4343. Free Trials are also now available for all products in AWS and Azure InstantOn™. MediaRich Server is cost effective and is exponentially less than other hosted services that have less features, are slower and charge “by the asset and bandwidth delivered”… we don’t! Give us a call and we will show you why we are one of the few on-prem All Media Servers available today and the only one with the dynamic generation patents with a 1999 priority date to provide you protection as part of your purchase.

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