MediaRich Publisher V2 Demonstration Video

MediaRich Server OnPrem or in any cloud provider including AWS or Azure now comes with a powerful easy publishing portal called MediaRich Publisher

Simply upload your content, e-tail image, PDF, Camera RAW, large Photoshop file, Adobe Illustrator or one of over 400 file-types publishing “boxes” in a simple web interface to create a centralized publishing center. From there you can instantly create sharing and embedding iframe’s, links of any kind needed. You can deliver content into any CMS, web page, emails, workflow systems or for quick collaboration and sharing via e-mail, link. In tests with both external and internal personnel, the ability to share anywhere, create links for different needs, self-serve “MRL’s” (MediaRich Locators) for embedding content into any system saves publishing time by 50%! Whether you want to adjust sizes, dpi, filetype of the output on-the-fly, or whether you need feedback collaboration and automatic tethered publishing of your content, this solutions is the most automated way to do anything.

The ability to make changes to content immediately, have the render done immediately and deploy would be good enough for any web designer to get this product, says Brian Sullivan, co-founder Abel Studios, however, the fact that once published any content is auto-updated in-place is a rules changer! The automatic tethering is invaluable and saves 75% of our team’s time updating content, because it’s just a replacement of the original. We are stunned by how productive this products makes web and intranet teams.

Features include:

  • Dynamic responsive mobile thumbnail and large preview creation (with and without large viewer pop-up)
  • Embed UniZoom link generation for multi-page view anywhere capability, time-to-live, views max, with and without download
  • In-page UniZoom views (no pop-up needed, just zoom in the page) – great for e-tail applications where you want to maximize the mobile viewing experience
  • Embed content with DIV and iFrames into WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, SiteCore, Alfresco and Drupal or just about any other web hosting system
  • SEO friendly MediaRich URL’s provide excellent search engine compatibility with published content.
  • Tethering enables automatic updating of content everywhere (Just upload a new file, and all renditioned assets instantly change!)
  • All with high-volume blindingly fast delivery for any sized web content delivery

The following EQuick demo video presents the new Upload and Publish capabilities shipping with every MediaRich Server:

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