Navigation: Quickly Navigate Complex Website Updates

Many companies have a manual process for creating, updating and deploying graphics and videos, section headers, and navigational elements for every page in every language for their online presence. These time-consuming repetitive tasks delay content publishing and may result in hundreds of thousands of content objects to store and manage. Global organizations require an open, scalable solution that leverages their existing content management investments. Businesses desire processes that make their knowledge workers more efficient and provide an immediate return on their investment improving:
  • Their content workflow
  • Publishing and staging process
  • Improve their time to market
  • Reduce production and maintenance costs

Template Driven Efficiency

MediaRich can be used to template all the image and video content to efficiently create, deploy and provide future updates for web site elements such as: section headers, product images, product titles and navigational objects. By templating media assets and navigational elements with MediaRich, Web teams can update content areas more rapidly, as well as control the presentation of brand assets throughout the site. Back to Use Cases

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