MediaRich Server Overview

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MediaRich Server 6.0 is the next generation of the leading platform for processing content for delivery to virtually any website, app or device! Used by creative, development and IT professionals to deliver an automated workflow for B2B portals, eTail sites and corporate communications, it reduces costs and accelerates the time taken to publish and create new revenue streams.

MediaRich Server with the new A/V CORE had an immediate impact in server resource reduction, speed of processing, next generation automatic mobility, simplified administration and setup. So much so, that we decided to take it right to production with a few weeks of testing, during our busiest shopping season and will never look back.

Erik K. Schaeffer – Lead Systems Engineer at Hayneedle

MediaRich Server 6.0 features a completely new 64 bit architecture enabling lightning fast processing of over 450 file types including camera, image, Office, drawing and video formats for delivery on the fly to your website, mobile applications on almost any platform. Your media can be viewed in high quality on mobile devices with OneViewer™ even at low bandwidth. Easily integrated with your existing DAM, MAM or ECM, Media Rich Server 6.0 allows you to automate image, animation, sound and digital video production and enables on-demand delivery, virtually eliminating the need to pre-process content while creating an easy way to change content in-place for website, devices and apps!

Why MediaRich?

MediaRich removes the need to pre-process your content in advance for to the multitude of platforms that your customers and clients require. MediaRich is incredibly powerful and flexible and can be deployed on Premises or in the cloud (Azure and AWS ready).

Dynamic Imaging

MediaRich comes with an unmatched pedigree in image processing that allows you to remove the need to spend time, effort and money on processing all the required versions you need. With MediaRich you are able to use your master files wherever you have them stored and deliver them automatically where they are required in the correct format. MediaRich’s tools enable you to take almost any file type and apply a wide variety of processes including crops, transforms, text overlays and composites. This means you can showcase every item in your inventory in every possible option and have them customizable on your website. Every size you need will be there from thumbnails to zoomable high resolution images, automatically in the correct formats and they will all be cached to be delivered even quicker. With MediaRich you can highly target your marketing with personalized imagery in emails, on web banners or in mobile ads. With the OneViewer ™ viewer you can enhance your customers viewing experience offering them solutions to interact with your content on websites and mobile devices, automatically. This means your customers can view your content on any platform and the best use of screen real estate detected automatically, making use of touch gestures to easily get closer to any object, and navigate to what you want to see now, and without a lot of bandwidth. MediaRich is not just limited to image content. You can also deliver documents like PDFs or Office documents which can be made available through the OneViewer viewer so clients can view them without having to download them or have the application installed on any platform. This is ideal for company intranets or customer portals. OneViewer™ this image Dynamic Video Delivery Adding video to your communication mix leads to improved customer engagement. However, with a multitude of sources for your video and the wide range of output platforms the process of delivering video content is very labor intensive and time consuming. MediaRich has literally re-invented transcoding with a next generation 64-bit A/V Core 2 engine which enables the delivery of your video content to all platforms automatically. MediaRich can take multiple files and auto-assemble them into a single normalized set of files so even if you have source content having different frame rates and aspect ratios, it produces the necessary high quality deliverable in your desired format. During this process MediaRich can edit each frame individually applying transitions, transformations, effects and overlays to each frame. This means from a single or multiple high quality sources you are able to deliver versions for web, mobile and over-the-top video scenarios without manual labor. With the auto assembly you can add custom pre-and post rolls that target particular markets along with versioning adding alternate graphics and subtitles, all processed on-demand, or delivered as part of a self-service portal for example.

Video production and approval workflows

With video production one of the major bottlenecks is the process of review and approval especially with a remote team. MediaRich offers workflows providing solutions for delivering versions at different resolutions, have the ability to zoom and pan individual frames for QC, creation of email-able links to files and production of video frame proof sheets and all of this can be done automatically.

Instantly installable on popular hosted services:

aws-logoEasily Install MediaRich Server on Azure Just like on a Server, Portable or Desktop Machine

MediaRich A/V Core 2

Automatically process and assemble audio and video files on-demand and deliver to any device, app or website.

The new A/V Core 2 engine that powers the new MediaRich’s audio and video handling has been completely re-written as a 64-bit engine that allows it to take advantage of GPU acceleration and the ability to process large files including 4K and 8k video.

High Speed Transcoding

A/V Core 2 offers incredible high-speed software transcoding which offers over 10 times speed improvements from the previous A/V Core. The addition of GPU hardware transcoding brings even higher speeds.

Automated Editing

A/V Core 2 can edit each frame individually in the transcode pipeline, these modifications are script driven, using the MediaRich Pipe to apply transitions, transformations, effects and overlays to each frame. It can even embed Digimarc watermarks into the frames if you have a license.

Powerful auto-assembly

Unlimited number of clips can be combined into a single output file and single track (one each for audio and video), either via appending or even overlaying one another. It can also generate multiple tracks if required.
A/V Core 2 can even auto-rotate videos shot in portrait or upside down (using the device rotation metadata if available). Still images can easily be converted into videos and the same scripted effects, transitions, etc. can be applied. Audio can be combined separately from video, allowing for replacement of the existing audio in the video file with a soundtrack or narration, thus making versioning for multiple markets a simple process. Video and audio are normalized, removing issues with multiple formats in a single movie, to a single format without having to rely on a special player capable of playing variable format containers.

Input and Output flexibility

A/V Core 2 supports the widest range of input and output formats, and their associated codecs allowing the ability to take in different formats and delivering to the required outputs that are compatible with HTML5, Flash, and Silverlight. There is support for more advanced formats like MXF and GXF included for those in broadcast environments.

Metadata Support

Tagged metadata can now be extracted and embedded with most file formats supported by AVCore 2.

Surround Sound

A/V Core 2 enables surround sound audio transcoding for AAC and AC3 codecs*

A/V Settings Maker

A/V Core 2 offers a built-in web-based settings generator that makes the creation of settings files easy. It will output a simple JSON-based text files that can be edited in any text editor after the fact if needed. *Not currently supported for mobile platform delivery

Media Processing

MediaRich Server is now a fully 64 bit application which allows it to process any size document as long as the system it is installed on has enough memory. This includes the File I/O which means files of larger than 4GB are supported, this includes very large files including 4K video, large AEC documents which previously could not be automated anywhere. Streamline the image and video production process MediaRich Server streamlines the image and video production process by providing dynamic imaging (e.g. creation of graphics on demand) across an entire enterprise optimized, and delivered to corporate web sites, intranets, and partner exchanges. Use the tools your designers love Take advantage of a designer’s familiarity with Photoshop and Illustrator functionality – no conversion to proprietary or Web-ready formats is required. Designers can work in the original file format of any size and color mode (paletted, RGB, CMYK), and create media templates to convert a group of images or videos for a particular project for any medium. Server-level control over Photoshop Layers Dynamically change the color of an image or image layer using RGB, CMYK, or hexadecimal color value Enables products to be merchandised in all available colors from a manufacturer, reducing product returns and customer service costs Provides interactivity associated with real-world shopping experiences which increases consumer confidence and increases sales conversion rates by displaying every possible color combination Reduces production time and expenses by enabling just-in-time deployment of multiple color variations from a single source image regardless if the final output is intended for web, print, or multimedia.

Derivative Cache

MediaRich automatically manages all your renditions and keeps track so you don’t have to! MediaRich includes an intelligent caching mechanism which creates and saves dynamically generated content making it available for subsequent requests. At the first request for a specific asset, MediaRich generates the requested item. Additional requests are served out of the cache with no new processing required and is equivalent to serving the digital content as a static file from a normal Web server. This enables a host of new capabilities such as instant resizing of visuals, low bandwidth high quality zoom and pan, dynamic experince creation, automatic branded video creation or wherever your imagination can take you.


The MediaScript Language unifies and simplifies all efforts for content manipulation and creation! The key to MediaRich power and flexibility is its embedded MediaScript programming language. MediaScript is a fully compliant ECMI script implementation supporting the complete JavaScript language specification. MediaRich includes an extensive set of operations for querying and responding to requests for media reading, manipulating and processing sound, video, image, vector and text content. You can customize your workflow with MediaScripts to fit your IT infrastructure & production environments. It also manages the rest of the MediaRich system. Included is a complete library of support objects such as XML, DOM Parser Generators, File and Directory Assessors, string and regular expression libraries, and many more.


MediaRich offers a set of tools to allow the viewing of your files almost anywhere regardless of the users platform or bandwidth. The OneViewer viewer offers the ability to view documents, zoom into them and pan through them, and navigate through multipage documents in a single viewer. The viewer dynamically detects the device and delivers the optimum viewing experience using the available screen real estate to ensure customers get the best possible view of your product. The viewer is thin requiring no plug-ins so you can have many of them in a single page to fit your design. OneViewer is flexible and allows for the presentation of you content in a variety of ways, single images, multiple images in a variety of layouts and even 360º views on any device – Try now. Since they are not limited to just images, you can share PDF or Office Document or Slide Presentation OneViewer, camera RAW files, or huge Adobe files such as PhotoShop. This allows clients to read them in-place with no need to download (ideal for intranets and partner portals), securing the original file or simply enable the download capability and the file can be viewed first then downloaded optionally. This patented technology enables view everywhere for files of any type and size.

Supported Filetypes

MediaRich supports over 450 image, video, audio, Office, Drawing (SVG, WMF, Autocad Interchange – IMF, EMF) and RAW camera file types.

File Extension File Format Description Category Read/Write
MediaRich Native Image Filetype Support
3FR Hasselblad Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
AI Adobe Illustrator Drawing-Vector Read
ARI ARRI Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
ARW Sony Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
BMP Windows Bitmap Image Read/Write
BTF BigTIFF Image/Multi-page image Read
BW Silicon Graphics Image Image Read
CMYK Raw CMYK Image Read
CR2 Canon Raw RAW Camera Image Read
CRW Canon Raw RAW Camera Image Read
CS1 Sinar Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
DC2 Kodak DC25 Raw RAW Camera Image Read
DCR Kodak Digital Raw RAW Camera Image Read
DNG Digital Negative Digital Negative Read
EPS Encapsulated Postscript Drawing-Vector Read
EPSF Encapsulated Postscript Drawing-Vector Read
ERF Epson Camera Raw Format RAW Camera Image Read
FFF Hasselblad Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
GIF GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) Image/Animation Read/Write
HDR High Dynamic Range Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
IA Rollei Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
IIQ Phase One Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
IND InDesign Document Thumbnails Image Read
INDD InDesign Document Thumbnails Image Read
J2C JPEG 2000 Stream Image Read
J2K JPEG 2000 Image Read
JCC JPEG 2000 Stream Image Read
JP2 JPEG 2000 Image Read
JPC JPEG 2000 Stream Image Read
JPE JPEG Image Read
JPEG JPEG Image Read/Write
JPG JPEG Image Read
JPX JPEG 2000 Image Read
K25 Kodak DC25 Raw RAW Camera Image Read
KDC Kodak Digital Raw RAW Camera Image Read
MEF Mamiya Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
MOS Mamiya Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
MRW Minolta Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
NEF Nikon Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
ORF Olympus Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
PBM Portable Bitmap Image Read
PBMA Portable Bitmap+Alpha Image Read
PBMB Portable Bitmap Binary Image Read
PCT Mac PICT Image Read
PCX PC Paintbrush Image Read
PDF Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Read/Write
PEF Pentax Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
PICT Mac PICT Image Read
PIX Alias Workstation Image Image Read
PNG PNG Image/Multi-page image Read/Write
PPM Portable Pixel Map Image Read
PS Postscript Portable Document Read
PSB Photoshop Large Image Format Image Read
PSD Photoshop Image Read
QTK QuickTake Digital Camera RAW Camera Image Read
R3D REDCODE Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
RAF Fuji FinePix Raw RAW Camera Image Read
RAW Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
RDC Ricoh Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
RED REDCODE Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
RGB Silicon Graphics Image Image Read
RGBA Silicon Graphics Image w/ Alpha Image Read
RW2 Panasonic Lumix Raw RAW Camera Image Read
SGI Silicon Graphics Image Image Read
SR2 Sony Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
SRF Sony Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
SRW Samsung Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
STI Sinar Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
TF8 BigTIFF Image/Multi-page image Read
TGA Targa Image/Animation Read
TIF TIFF Image/Multi-page image Read
TIFF TIFF Image/Multi-page image Read
WBMP Wireless Bitmap Image Read
X3F Sigma Camera Raw RAW Camera Image Read
MediaRich Document, Spreadsheet, Drawing, Presentation Filetype Support
123 Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Read
602 T602 Document Word Processing Read
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile Presentation Read
CSV Text comma separated values (CSV) Spreadsheet Read
DOC Microsoft WinWord 5, 6.0/95, 97/2000/XP Word Processing Read
DOCM Microsoft Word 2007 XML Word Processing Read
DOCX Microsoft Word 2007 XML Word Processing Read
DOT Microsoft Word 95, 97/2000/XP Template Word Processing Read
DOTM Microsoft Word 2007 XML Template Word Processing Read
DOTX Microsoft Word 2007 XML Template Word Processing Read
DXF AutoCAD Interchange Format Drawing-Vector Read
EMF Enhanced Metafile Drawing-Vector Read
HWP Hangul WP 97 Word Processing Read
MET OS/2 Metafile Drawing-Vector Read
ODG ODF Drawing, ODF (Impress) Drawing-Vector Read
ODM ODF Master Document Word Processing Read
ODP ODF Presentation Presentation Read
ODS ODF Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Read
ODT ODF Text Document Word Processing Read
OTG ODF Drawing Template Drawing-Vector Read
OTH HTML Document Template HTML Read
OTP ODF Presentation Template Presentation Read
OTS ODF Spreadsheet Template Spreadsheet Read
OTT ODF Text Document Template Word Processing Read
PCD Kodak Photo CD (192×128, 768×512, 384×256) Image Read
PDB AportisDoc (Palm) Word Processing Read
PMD Adobe PageMaker Drawing-Page layout Read
PGM Portable Graymap Image Read
POT Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP Template Presentation Read
POTM Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 XML Template Presentation Read
POTX Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 XML Template Presentation Read
PPS Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP Presentation Read
PPSX Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP Presentation Read
PPT Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP Presentation Read
PPTM Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 XML Presentation Read
PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 XML Presentation Read
PUB Microsoft Publisher Drawing-Page layout Read
PXL Pocket Excel Spreadsheet Read
RAS Sun Raster Image Image Read
RTF Rich Text Format, RTF (OpenOffice Calc) Word Processing Read
SDP StarImpress 4.0/5.0 Presentation Read
SDW StarWriter 1.0, 2.0, 3.0-5.0 Word Processing Read
SGF StarWriter Graphics Format Drawing-Vector Read
SGL StarWriter 4.0/5.0 Master Document Word Processing Read
SGV StarDraw 2.0 Drawing-Vector Read
SLK SYLK Spreadsheet Read
STC OpenOffice 1.0 Spreadsheet Template Spreadsheet Read
STD OpenOffice 1.0 Drawing Template Drawing-Vector Read
STW OpenOffice 1.0 HTML/Text Template HTML Read
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics Drawing-Vector Read
SXC OpenOffice 1.0 Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Read
SXD OpenOffice 1.0 Drawing, OpenOffice Impress Drawing-Vector Read
SXG OpenOffice 1.0 Master Document Word Processing Read
SXI OpenOffice 1.0 Presentation Presentation Read
SXW OpenOffice 1.0 Text Document Word Processing Read
THM Digital Camera Video Thumbnail Image Read
UOF Unified Office Format spreadsheet, text, presentation Spreadsheet Read
UOP United Office Format presentation Presentation Read
UOS Unified Office Format spreadsheet Spreadsheet Read
VSD Visio Drawing-Flowchart Read
VSDX Visio Drawing-Flowchart Read
WB2 Quatrro Pro 6.0 Spreadsheet Read
WBK Microsoft Word Backup Word Processing Read
WK1 Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Read
WKS Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Read
WMF Windows Metafile Drawing-Vector Read
WPD WordPerfect Document Word Processing Read
XBM X Bitmap Image Read
XLC Microsoft Excel Chart Read
XLC Microsoft Excel 4.x-5.0/95/97/2000/XP Chart Read
XLM Microsoft Excel Macro Macro Read
XLS Microsoft Excel 4.x-5.0/95/97/2000/XP/CSV Spreadsheet Read
XLSB Microsoft Excel 2007 Binary Spreadsheet Read
XLSM Microsoft Excel 2007 XML Spreadsheet Read
XLSX Microsoft Excel 2007 XML Spreadsheet Read
XLT Microsoft Excel 4.x-5.0/95/97/2000/XP Templates Spreadsheet Read
XLTM Microsoft Excel 2007 XML Template Spreadsheet Read
XLTX Microsoft Excel 2007 XML Template Spreadsheet Read
XLW Microsoft Excel 4.x-5.0/95/97/2000/XP Spreadsheet Read
XML DocBook, Microsoft Excel/Word 2003 XML Word Processing/Spreadsheet Read
XPM X PixMap Image Read

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