Dynamic Responsive Mobile UniZoom Demos

Responsive UniZoom™ Demos

MediaRich Server 4 now shipping with RESPONSIVE in-page and pop-up UniZoom capability. This is the perfect solution for e-tailers, portals and any application that requires details to be viewable from any device, but that does NOT want to deal with custom programming. The following demonstrations of in-page Zoom and Pan now are responsive, enabling you to simply place any one of our UniZoom components on your responsive designed webpage. This instantly creates an automatically resizable image in-place so you don’t have to worry about images for your mobile or app Sites! The patented MediaRich Server 4 with 64bit on-the-fly 5/9’s scalable imaging technology does all the work for you. This now supports hundreds of original filetype, multi-page and pop-up that also resizes to your devices screens automatically. Don’t manage your content, MediaRich it! and save tons of time, money while enabling the best user experiences for your shopping, portal and apps.

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