Unizoom Viewer

MediaRich offers a set of tools to allow the viewing of your files almost anywhere regardless of the users platform or bandwidth. The UniZoom viewer offers the ability to view documents, zoom into them and pan through them, and navigate through multipage documents in a single viewer. The viewer dynamically detects the device and delivers the optimum viewing experience using the available screen real estate to ensure customers get the best possible view of your product. The viewer is thin requiring no plug-ins so you can have many of them in a single page to fit your design. UniZoom is flexible and allows for the presentation of you content in a variety of ways, single images, multiple images in a variety of layouts and even 360º views on any device – Try now. Since they are not limited to just images, you can share PDF or Office Document or Slide Presentation UniZooms, camera RAW files, or huge Adobe files such as PhotoShop. This allows clients to read them in-place with no need to download (ideal for intranets and partner portals), securing the original file or simply enable the download capability and the file can be viewed first then downloaded optionally. This patented technology enables view everywhere for files of any type and size.

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