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MediaRich’s image and video preview functionality along with cross-browser, multiple-file upload for both Mac and Windows have become essential to our daily operations, something we couldn’t imagine living without within the SharePoint environment

Doug Shepard, Director of IT, Augsburg Fortress Publishers

Media, Entertainment and Publishing companies are undergoing a dramatic shift in the way their businesses are operating. Technological changes embraced by the new digital viewing audience and readership are forcing traditional media, entertainment and publishing companies to transition into unprecedented new models of interactivity and viewer choice. Viewers are no longer willing to watch TV Shows or Films on a single screen at a set time of day or sit down and read an entire newspaper. On top of that, a new type of media, user generated content (UGC) has now come into it’s own and commands a growing share of viewing time.

A new class of viewer is selecting Mobile, Web and over-the-top (OTT) connected TV to access premium and social video and other types of content. Mass-marketing paradigms are no longer effective in reaching this emerging class of viewer.

Film, Home Entertainment, Broadcast, News and Cable TV are experiencing unprecedented audience fragmentation. Viewers are finding alternatives. The resulting turmoil is disrupting distribution windows and lowering revenues. Many viewers are spending significant time on social networks. Social networks now boast 100s of millions of users, but must rely on third party providers for instant, high-quality video sharing and delivery capability.

Platforms: High quality, on-demand video delivery to multiple devices requires separate delivery platforms with manual task management or controls, which disrupt video flow, interrupt viewer interaction, hamper data collection and corrupt Ad results. Manual stops and starts diminish the user experience for viewers and reduce the reach and impact of Ads. As premium and social viewers and the number of videos with Ads increases, the processes, manual interactions and delivery costs increase exponentially.

This complexity and cost ultimately force premium content providers like Studios and other Distributors to give up direct control of their content delivery to third party aggregators. This process dis-intermediates the Studio or Distributor from the viewer and devalues whatever insights are reported from third parties. The net effect is that profits are lost in the process as much of the revenue is siphoned off to third parties.

Social networks have developed extensive systems that connect users to one another, however while they can share and display short form video or image files, they fall short with regard to high quality, long form video.

EQ Network was designed and developed with this transition in mind.

EQ Network provides a video service that’s easy to use, provides an instantly shareable, visually compelling viewing experience, while enabling end-to-end management, content control and Ad insertion to meet the growing demand for tracking and monetizing premium video everywhere.

Video everywhere provides Studios and Broadcasters with the ability to simultaneously deliver, control and monetize HD premium video in a multi-screen environment while maintaining viewer continuity. Video everywhere from EQ Network enables viewers to comment on and instantly share and while viewing premium and social content in a multi-screen environment

EQ Network has developed and patented a massively scalable automated video network service to solve the complex problem of seamless, simultaneous video delivery on mobile devices, the Web and “over-the-top” connected TV, all from a single instance of the viewer’s account to enable video everywhere.

Delivered as a cloud based network service, EQ Network enables its premium content providers to easily upload and share from just about any video source, filetype or camera type. EQN automatically assembles premium, social and advertising content on-the-fly. EQN connects viewers via Facebook® and Twitter® and other social networks enabling video discovery through fans and friends following and video search.

Reduce high cost of image and video production and media storage

Media, entertainment and publishing organizations face a number of challenges, from escalating content requirements, shortened deadlines, and workflow inefficiencies, with the requirement to address a multiscreen viewing audience. MediaRich for SharePoint helps streamline and enhance traditional catalog management processes including multimedia document and attachments library management. Because of today’s quicker cycle times and the requirement for simultaneous distribution of media on multiple platforms, organizations look to MediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint to help streamline and simplify traditionally manual tasks. From traditional catalog processes to multimedia document and attachments libraries, Equilibrium’s products help to clarify, control, and expand instructions for complex operations.

Automate and streamline production processes and share content more readily across lines of business and with partners. Enable broadcast production process, where media can be accessed from centralized repositories by producers, directors, writer’s, journalists and editors reducing the time it takes to find content and make decisions about specific videos. Access content quickly to enable repurposing for use across multiple LOBs.

MediaRich Server and MediaRich ECM for SharePoint reduce the time and cost of locating, modifying, managing, and deploying media assets, all from a secure self-service portal.

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