Media Processing

MediaRich Server is now a fully 64 bit application which allows it to process any size document as long as the system it is installed on has enough memory. This includes the File I/O which means files of larger than 4GB are supported, this includes very large files including 4K video, large AEC documents which previously could not be automated anywhere.

Streamline the image and video production process
MediaRich Server streamlines the image and video production process by providing dynamic imaging (e.g. creation of graphics on demand) across an entire enterprise optimized, and delivered to corporate web sites, intranets, and partner exchanges.

Use the tools your designers love
Take advantage of a designer’s familiarity with Photoshop and Illustrator functionality – no conversion to proprietary or Web-ready formats is required.

Designers can work in the original file format of any size and color mode (paletted, RGB, CMYK), and create media templates to convert a group of images or videos for a particular project for any medium.

Server-level control over Photoshop Layers

Dynamically change the color of an image or image layer using RGB, CMYK, or hexadecimal color value

Enables products to be merchandised in all available colors from a manufacturer, reducing product returns and customer service costs
Provides interactivity associated with real-world shopping experiences which increases consumer confidence and increases sales conversion rates by displaying every possible color combination
Reduces production time and expenses by enabling just-in-time deployment of multiple color variations from a single source image regardless if the final output is intended for web, print, or multimedia.

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