EQuick Video Demo – Nintex Contract review and approval with MediaRich view-anywhere enablement

In this EQuick demonstration, Christoph Gillhart, Director Pro Services, provides a real-world demonstration of the advantages of combining Nintex Workflows with MediaRich for SharePoint or Office 365 view anywhere enablement.

Enable your workflows for any document, pdf, Adobe, image, camera files, to be viewable anywhere, without downloads, plug-ins, software, attachments.

MediaRich ECM for SharePoint was used which upgraded the SharePoint environment, normalizes over 450 file-types, enables embedding thumbnails and UniZoom viewing of all files, without plug-ins, downloads, software. And, because all files are updated, version controlled during the workflow process, and are centralized, it’s secure, enables viewing anywhere and there is no -pre-creation of files required. Providing the single source of truth desired. Review and approval of original Adobe, Office, Large files of any size, Video reviews, etc. Are all now possible with the MediaRich Server or ECM for SharePoint integration anywhere.

Contract Management Workflow Demonstration:

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