Equilibrium Awarded Second U.S. Patent for Automated Media Processing and Dynamic Delivery to Websites, Mobile Devices and Interactive Applications

Patented technology behind Equilibrium’s MediaRich Server and DeBabelizer Server enables content professionals and global marketing teams to automate media productions and dynamically deliver optimized derivatives to websites, mobile devices and interactive applications.

2006 INTERNATIONAL CES, LAS VEGAS, NV–JANUARY 5, 2006–Equilibrium, the leading provider of automated media processing and delivery solutions for the desktop, workgroup and enterprise, today announced that Automated Media Processing Solutions, Inc. d/b/a Equilibrium was awarded its second U.S. Patent Number 6,964,009 as part of the proprietary technology behind Equilibrium MediaRich™ Server and Equilibrium DeBabelizer® Server. Equilibrium’s solutions dramatically reduce media production costs, increase revenue opportunties, and accelerate delivery of digital brand assets to multi-channel media output.

“Whether you are an in-house digital media designer or a global marketing team, you can save time, money and bandwidth with Equilibrium’s server-based solutions for automatically repurposing and deploying optimized media derivatives to e-commerce websites, self-service DAM portals, and multi-channel output on-demand,” said Sean Barger, Founder and CEO of Equilibrium. “With the awarding of our second technology patent, Equilibrium enjoys the strongest competitive position among all vendors for providing automated media processing and dynamic delivery solutions for any sized company in virtually any industry.”

Equilibrium’s second patent covers automatic media delivery systems that operate in parallel with existing website infrastructures. Equilibrium and its licensees are the sole authorized providers of systems and services that automate the production of media through content generation procedures controlled by proprietary tags placed within URLs embedded within Web documents. The author simply places the original media in the system, and adds proprietary tags to the URLs for accessing the media. The system automatically processes the URL encoded tags and automatically produces derivative media optimized for a website, mobile device and other Web-based applications from the original media.

The system takes as input the client connection, server traffic, content generation procedures, and proprietary tags placed within the URL to generate optimized media for the client. The need for the Web author to create different versions of a site is reduced because the media content of the site is automatically handled by the system. In addition, generated media is cached such that further requests for the same media require little overhead.

Because the invention takes the original media, content generation procedures, and proprietary URL tags as inputs for generating the media, it is possible to modify any of these variables and have the system automatically update the media on the associated Web pages, mobile applications and other Web-delivered media content such as 3G cell phones, ARCHOS devices, and Apple’s new video iPod.

For online retailers, Equilibrium MediaRich Server provides dynamic zoom and pan templates that generate product image derivatives from a single source image on the fly. MediaRich generates and displays crisp text and graphic elements onto one or multiple images for dynamic product merchandising and text-graphics localization. Pre-press production houses can automate vast amounts of CMYK conversions, dpi adjustments and scaling requests to streamline their workflow. MediaRich supports many popular file formats as well as loading, saving and merging of IPTC, Exif and XMP metadata. As a robust stand-alone media server or integrated with any database and content management repository, Equilibrium MediaRich Server automatically reduces time and costs for transforming and deploying brand assets throughout an e-commerce website, extranet portal and content infrastructure upon demand.

Equilibrium works with companies and certified integration partners to implement Equilibrium MediaRich Server for Microsoft® .NET infrastructures, Mac® OS X/Server, Sun® Solaris and Linux Red Hat® Enterprise. Equilibrium’s award-winning product line also includes MediaRich Server for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, MediaRich Merchandizer and DeBabelizer® Pro 6/Server. For more information on Equilibrium’s automated media processing solutions, Partner Program and OEM opportunities, please call +1.415.332.4343 and visit www.equilibrium.com for free trials.

About Equilibrium
Founded in 1989 and based in Sausalito, California, Equilibrium develops and markets automated media processing and delivery solutions for the desktop, workgroup and enterprise. Equilibrium’s award-winning DeBabelizer Pro 6 Client/Server and patented MediaRich CORE Platform enable content designers and information workers to streamline digital production workflow and reduce costs through automation. DeBabelizer Pro 6 Client/Server customers include independent content publishers and large enterprises such as Sony Online Entertainment, Madacy Entertainment Group, Electronic Arts, Verizon, PG&E, DirectTV, OpenTV, ESPN, The Getty Museum and NASA. For more information, demonstration video and free trials, please call +1.415.332.4343 or visit Equilibrium.


U.S. Patent Numbers 6,792,575 and 6,964,009 for automated media processing and dynamic multi-platform delivery. Equilibrium, MediaRich and DeBabelizer are trademarks of Equilibrium. All other company, product or service names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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