Wooloo Productions implements Equilibrium MediaRich for Linux to Automate Media Transformations and Dynamically Deploy Artwork for Online Exhibitions

Displaying fine art projects from leading artists and photographers, Wooloo.org showcases the on-demand media processing and delivery powers of Equilibrium MediaRich Server for Linux.

SAUSALITO, CA–MAY 22, 2006–Equilibrium®, the leading provider of automated media production and delivery solutions for the desktop, workgroup and enterprise, today announced that Wooloo Productions has implemented Equilibrium® MediaRich® Server for Linux Red Hat Enterprise to automate the online artwork production and dynamically deliver the resulting digital assets for Wooloo.org, the premier tool for creating online exhibitions and art projects. By integrating the dynamic, self-service media generation capabilities throughout the site, Wooloo Productions streamlines online image processing and slashes costs associated with production and management of high-quality artwork.

“We are excited to work with the team at Equilibrium and the power of their MediaRich Server throughout the new Wooloo.org,” said Sixten Kai Nielsen, Director of Wooloo Productions. “By automating the time-intensive processes for generating and deploying image derivatives from the original master files on demand, MediaRich enables us to have one of the most dynamic online exhibitions for artists and photographers to showcase their work around the world.”

Equilibrium MediaRich Server software automates media production and dynamically delivers media assets on-demand to the Web, mobile devices and any container filetype through patented media templating technology. Equilibrium and it’s licensees are the sole authorized providers of systems and services that automate the production of media through content generation procedures controlled by proprietary tags placed within URLs embedded within Web documents. The base functionality of the Wooloo.org site in regards to the MediaRich software is to scale, convert, zoom and display optimized digital artwork from a single source image on the fly. All exhibit images are displayed as thumbnail JPEG previews that are converted to an Adobe® Flash container for larger view when selected. Once an artist uploads an image to Wooloo.org, the raw file is placed in a directory specific to that artist and accessed only via media scripts from that point forward. Each image derivative is generated and delivered upon request within a fraction of a second. Equilibrium MediaRich Server automatically reduces time and costs for transforming and deploying visual assets throughout an online gallery, e-commerce website, extranet portal, and content management infrastructure.

About Wooloo Productions
Wooloo Productions is a Berlin-based international art and activism collective that provides people with free public and experimental spaces, primarily online. Wooloo.org is the premier tool for creating online exhibitions and art projects. All features on the site have been designed to give artists the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and present new work to a worldwide audience. For more information, please visit Wooloo.org.

About Equilibrium
Equilibrium, the world leader in automated media processing since 1992, now leads the monetization of the next-generation Internet revolutions: music, video and mobile.  Media companies can break through traditional limits in mass-produced media using Equilibrium’s unique, high-powered MediaRich engine for real-time personalization and delivery of music and video to everything – even mobile.  Equilibrium offers its powerful solutions to the desktop, workgroup, enterprise and web-server, delivering the same core technology for cross-platform interoperability and integration virtually anywhere.  Equilibrium currently powers some of the largest BtoB portals, web 2.0 infrastructures and websites in the world including media: The Walt Disney Pictures and Television, Sony Pictures, Universal Music Group, E! Entertainment, Microsoft, Cisco, AOL,  NBC Universal, Warner Brothers; publishing: Hoovers, McGraw-Hill, Oxford; education: Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and Stanford.  For more information and free trials, please visit Equilibrium.

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