The Ultimate CPM – Personalized Video Content Delivered Anywhere With Advertising Insertion

Equilibrium® has worked hard to leverage our 15 years of automation experience to provide the easiest way to reach people where and when they want to view your content. We have now launched the EQ Network™, where we combine a new ad management system powered by Equilibrium’s Ad-Per-View™ hosted on-demand patented technology. The EQ Network enables content owners to easily deploy a video delivery widget (we call it a “Media Delivery Bar™” or MDB for short) on their site, and that afternoon (literally), videos can be delivered to your customer’s devices with the click of a button (2 billion devices and counting).

No pre-loading of your content into our system (that’s for all the “other ” Flash player guys).  You just pass us a URL to your video, and voila, we handle the rest. Easy…

On the back end, our Ad-Per-View system has the ability to enable your ad sales team to provide some of the highest CPM’s today as part of your ad unit book (yes, they simply would add mobile devices, iPod/PSP download and even our premium service providers like Apple TV). You can also indicate specific pre-roll/post-roll “IDs” to be established with each Media Delivery Bar, and then associate it with a series of your videos that are already on-line. This gives you the ultimate flexibility and maximum ROI per view.

Since we can insert up to 4 x (15 or 30) second spots, handle the generation of the personalized video based on the request for information (in the Media Deliver Bar), you will get hyper-targeted advertising results (ie. Hair Club for Men commercials will only go to 45+ year old males!), and you can deliver them directly to any mobile viewer. This provides up to $160 per thousand views of your content ($40 per commercial x 4 commercials in each view).

The best part?  There is literally no impact on your web site, you don’t have to set up any infrastructure, and you can work with your digital agency to set up the Media Delivery Bars for you, or we can help.  Our goal is to make it self-service and easy for you to create the experience you want with the balanced monetization goals you desire.

If you don’t have ads, you can activate EQ’s connection to other video advertising networks (we are negotiating the API’s now!), and you just enable them in the different ad placement areas in the Media Delivery Bar and we pull the advertising for you, so you can sit back and collect checks.

Check the e-Marketer report, “Video Usage in E-Commerce: The Best Is Yet to Come.”

It’s clear that video that is dynamic and can be delivered anywhere, powered by advertising is where it’s all going. I have believed this since 1999 when we filed for the patents for our Automated Media Processing and Delivery System. Now that the pipes have arrived, I say:

Automate or Die

Finally, we have had a lot of companies (like training companies who have sponsorships, or Movie Trailer plays), where people don’t want advertising, they just want to turn on a Media Delivery Bar campaign to enable as many people to view their trailers to maximize the box office opening, or they have sponsorships that are currently static, because it would be too hard to change the sponsors monthly, or want to have a specific call to action at the end of the content with a dynamic coupon video which will drive sales to the store.

With our technology, we make all this possible.  Equilibrium has different models to suit your needs, all with the same ease and flexibility that enables your people to get things up, changed, and delivering fast.  This is all at a fraction of the cost for you to do anything close to this.  Why?  Because we just spent 7 years and 200 man years of R&D creating an end-to-end video delivery pipeline that enables on-demand generation and delivery as a service because we knew this day would come.

For those who want to make their view dynamic on their existing sites…

The hosted service is built on our MediaRich CORE platform (which enables your videos on your website to be dynamic, that is, they can change with variables, settings files, pre-post rolls in-place), our solutions address the many problems with deploying and making video dynamic and changeable, without a 2 week production cycle to do so.

Sean Barger

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