MediaRich Server 4.0 Available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

64-bit MediaRich Server available on Azure for 5/9’s dynamic content transformation and auto-assembly tasks

[Microsoft Build 2015] SAN FRANCISCO – April 29, 2015 — Equilibrium (, the world’s leading enterprise content-management and automated mobile media-delivery company, was elated to announce today the release of its MediaRich Server 4.0 as a virtual machine on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. Customers can now deploy a complete MediaRich all-media server instance simply through their Azure hosting accounts, giving Web, .NET and content infrastructure developers the latest version of the leading tool for automating content-processing in the cloud.

MediaRich Server 4.0 is already delivering hundreds of millions of assets for thousands of customers every day who use Equilibrium’s native, 64-bit platform with support for over 450 file types. It can process nearly any size asset, from complex architectural drawings and PhotoShop images to 4K videos. Running on Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based infrastructure, customers can host a MediaRich Server as a pre-configured virtual machine, cutting down installation and deployment time. And, it comes with the security of hardware that is running and supported 24/7. Within Azure, customers can now run one or 100 MediaRich Servers to enable burst-processing of thousands or millions of content files for high-volume transformation applications, including ingestion from any location (FTP, http, SMB mount, UNC, S3 storage, etc.) to any destination with full metadata extraction and embedding support.

MediaRich’s patented, dynamic cache management enables Web imaging for e-tailers, including the powerful UniZoom ™ viewer and other custom .NET, C#, COM, Java and Web service applications which require dedicated, dynamic content servers with 5/9’s reliability. With MediaRich Server 4.0 hosted in Azure, customers can now easily deliver assets, including 4K video, in all of the required formats to their websites, e-tail portals or mobile apps on the fly—all hosted in the cloud.

Chris Duke, the vice president of product at Equilibrium, stated, “While we have supported cloud-based hosting for some time, the move to the marketplace-hosted virtual machine for MediaRich makes it more accessible and quicker to deploy for all of our customers. They get all the power of MediaRich, but they now have the speed and security of the Azure infrastructure, too.”

MediaRich All Media Server will be available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace in May 2015.

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