Free EQ Bar Extends the Reach of YouTube Videos To Billions of Devices

Bloggers and Website Owners Now Have A Revolutionary Method of Expanding the Viewership of Their YouTube Video Embeds

SAUSALITO, CA – February 18, 2010 – Equilibrium®, a software and hosted services company that specializes in helping enterprise clients of all sizes to manage, monetize and mobilize content, today announced a free service that allows bloggers and website owners to easily add an EQ Bar™ widget to any YouTube™ video embed. By taking an additional step before pasting the YouTube video embed to their blog or website, an EQ Bar is added and enables the embedded video to be delivered to most mobile devices, downloads and web video players. The free EQ Bar for YouTube embeds works with any website publishing system and most blog software. It is available for use now at

Adding the free EQ Bar is easy; with an extra step, a blogger or website owner can add mobile delivery and more to their YouTube embeds. They first find their video on YouTube, choose its embed options, and copy the embed code. Previously they would have gone to their blog or website and pasted the embed code. Instead, they go to, follow the prompts and copy a new embed code. They then paste the new code in their blog or website. Once the blog or website is published, the YouTube video with the specified YouTube player and an EQ Bar are available.

“Simply by adding a free EQ Bar to their YouTube video embeds, a blogger or website owner gives viewers the ability to watch YouTube videos wherever and whenever they choose, without worrying about video formats or video players,” said Sean Barger, founder and CEO of Equilibrium. “This gives content owners what they want – ‘True Video Anywhere’ without the hassle of preparing, storing and managing all the different devices and custom players.”

The free EQ Bar for YouTube embeds works with most major blog software, like WordPress™, Blogger™, TypePad™, and others (but not Posterous™ and tumblr™).

About EQ Network

The EQ Bar for YouTube embeds is a free service of the EQ Network™, which enables blog or site owners to make additional revenues from any web video without all the work and costs.

The EQ Network has a built in assembly and ad management system providing hyper-target advertisements to individuals based on voluntary demographic information. Customers have the option of using ads supplied by EQ Network’s suppliers, or they may use their own ads, or have no ads. SpotXchange is EQ Network’s first ad network supplier and additional ad exchanges are being implemented to supply ad inventory.

Within a few minutes, the EQ Bar can be installed on any web page that contains video content without requiring additional infrastructure costs, pre-preparation of videos or changes for the content owner or advertiser.

The EQ Bar is easy to customize and assign to any video, providing either personalized advertising and/or sponsored viewing experiences delivered to the any existing Internet video player, wireless or mobile device. Device channels that enable downloads may be removed to keep control of videos. Advertising, sponsors and ID’s are dynamically inserted into pre-roll, mid-stream or post-roll positions.

The EQ Network’s scalable, patented MediaRich Ad-Per-View™ technology automatically optimizes video content to give the highest quality view based on device and bandwidth available. New devices are added to the EQ Network as soon as they become available.

For more information and for a step-by-step tutorial video about how the EQ Network and EQ Bar operate, visit EQ Network.


Equilibrium and MediaRich are registered trademarks of Equilibrium. Patent Numbers 6,792,575 and 6,964,009, other patents pending for automated media processing and Ad-Per-View system. YouTube and Blogger are trademarks of Google, Inc. All other company, product or service names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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