Equilibrium’s MediaRich Media Server 3.8.6 Released

Expanded Broadcast HD format support, Revolutionary Multi-Page Zoom and Pan, MediaScript Driven Flexible Hot-Folder System and Official Linux Release Leads the Extensive List of Enhanced Functionality

SAUSALITO, CA, June 12, 2008 – Equilibrium®, the leading provider of automated media production and delivery solutions for the enterprise, announces the latest expansion of it’s massively scalable MediaRich® Media Server for images and video with the release of version 3.8.6.  Added features include expanded support with the optional Audio/Video module of HD and Broadcast formats, including MXF, MPEG2, MPEG2 Transport Stream, and many more. In addition, scalable hot-folder support is included utilizing the power of MediaScript, MediaRich’s flexible media manipulation scripting language based on ECMA JavaScript.  A new, comprehensive Sonic Flash Zoom™ with Multi-Page/Frame zoom support (for PDF, EPS, PS, AI file types) is also included. This enables the on-demand viewing in any web browser from an elegant Flash interface of any multi-page file without having to download the entire file. MediaRich 3.8.6 includes a new Administrator Tool with batch job monitoring, error log, and individual control of MediaRich threads, remote administration. Availability is immediate for OS X (Leopard and Tiger), Windows (XP and WinServe 2003), and Linux Servers. Linux server support is for image processing only, with video support to follow later this year.

About MediaRich Media Server
MediaRich Media Server automatically processes image, sound and video assets enabling the multi-channel delivery of all media assets to websites, wireless and devices. MediaRich is a scalable, high-volume media distribution and repurposing engine that enables companies to create, edit and auto-assemble graphics, audio and video files dynamically from original source files without human intervention. MediaRich seamlessly integrates with any Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Content Management Systems (CMS). MediaRich powers some of the largest B2B portals, web 2.0 infrastructures and websites in the world.

MediaRich Media Server streamlines production workflow, complementing existing technologies while reducing costs and accelerating time-to-market for publishing rich visual content. The first of it’s kind; MediaRich Media Server was initially developed to deploy web content dynamically while tracking all of the derivative media automatically. With the addition of an optional Audio/Video module, MediaRich can read any video format, including HD, image process every frame while transcoding the video in a single pass to create and replace new videos directly to websites as needed. MediaRich has an innovative superstructure for video encoding standards that is controlled on a frame-by-frame basis to enable unparalleled interoperability between formats. For example, the system can read a multitude of video filetypes and dynamically edit each frame and transcode it out simultaneously to Flash, Windows Media, MPEG4, iPod and other QuickTime based encoders.

About Equilibrium
Automated Media Processing Solutions, Inc., d.b.a., Equilibrium, the world leader in media processing since 1992 when it released the first automated graphics processing software, DeBabelizer®, now leads the monetization of the next-generation Internet revolutions: music, video and mobile. Media companies can break through traditional limits in mass-produced media using Equilibrium’s unique, high-powered MediaRich engine for real-time personalization and delivery of music and video to everything – even mobile. Equilibrium offers its powerful solutions to the workgroup, enterprise and web-server, delivering the same CORE technology for cross-platform interoperability and integration virtually anywhere. To learn more visit Equilibrium or call +1.415.332.4343.


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