Equilibrium Wins the 2005 People’s Choice Awards for Best Imaging Software for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server

MICROSOFT TECH-ED 2005, ORLANDO, FL.–JUNE 7, 2005–Equilibrium®, the leading provider of automated media processing and delivery solutions for the enterprise, today announced that Equilibrium MediaRich® for Microsoft® SharePoint Portal Server won the 2005 People’s Choice Awards for Best Imaging software for SharePoint from MSD2D.com, a resource for the Microsoft SharePoint community. Equilibrium MediaRich for SharePoint reduces costs and increases business efficiency by enabling information workers and remote business partners to quickly locate, manage, modify and deploy digital media assets in a self-service portal.

“Equilibrium is pleased to win MSD2D’s People’s Choice Award for outstanding imaging product for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server for three years in a row,” said Sean Barger, founder and chief executive officer of Equilibrium. “We look forward to building upon our success with the SharePoint integrator community and Microsoft’s product teams to offer the most powerful, scalable and flexible solutions to meet the growing high-volume and on-demand dynamic media processing and delivery needs of our customers and partners.”

Equilibrium MediaRich for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 extends the collaborative experience of Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies with brand management and image automation. The resulting Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution allows corporations to maintain revision control for a single high-quality asset, create derivatives on demand, and deliver consistent brand assets for the Web, print, mobile devices, and Microsoft Office 2003 applications. Equilibrium MediaRich accomplishes this by ingesting the image metadata, and extends SharePoint Portal Server 2003’s search capabilities to recognize this metadata and return thumbnail previews, no matter what the original file format was. This gives information workers and remote partners a means to edit and deploy assets either as single images or in batches, from a familiar user interface and fully utilizing the existing document file repository.

“The fourth Annual People’s Choice Awards recognizes the best products and companies in our industry. Visitors to our website cast their vote for the products they view as the very best in their respective category,” said Jackie Nguyen, Vice president of Sales. “MSD2D has over 25,000 unique visitors a day. Many are interested in learning more about how to extend the power of SharePoint using solutions for Imaging/Scanning. Their vote serves as a solid peer-to-peer recommendation of the winning product.”

Equilibrium MediaRich Server Platform has many ready-to-go solutions built on the core.  Fundamentally, MediaRich is server-based media templating software that automates image production and enables the dynamic delivery of media assets to any Web server cache and multi-channel device through proprietary HTML tags embedded in Web documents. For online retailers, MediaRich provides dynamic zoom and pan templates that generate product image derivatives from a single source image on-the-fly.  MediaRich generates and displays crisp anti-aliased text and graphic elements onto one or multiple images for dynamic product merchandising and text-graphics localization. Pre-press production houses can automate vast amounts of CMYK conversions, PDF renders, dpi adjustments and scaling requests to streamline their workflow. MediaRich supports many popular file formats as well as loading, saving and merging of IPTC, Exif and XMP metadata. As a robust stand-alone image server or integrated with any database and content management repository, Equilibrium MediaRich Server automatically reduces time and costs for transforming and deploying brand assets throughout an e-commerce website, extranet portal or any content infrastructure upon demand.

Equilibrium works with companies and certified integration partners to implement Equilibrium MediaRich Server for .NET infrastructures, Mac® OS X/Server, Sun Solaris and Linux Red Hat. For more information on Equilibrium’s dynamic media processing solutions, Partner Program and OEM Licensing opportunities, please call 1.866.EQUILIB..

About Equilibrium
Equilibrium, the world leader in automated media processing since 1992, now leads the monetization of the next-generation Internet revolutions: music, video and mobile.  Media companies can break through traditional limits in mass-produced media using Equilibrium’s unique, high-powered MediaRich engine for real-time personalization and delivery of music and video to everything – even mobile.  Equilibrium offers its powerful solutions to the desktop, workgroup, enterprise and web-server, delivering the same core technology for cross-platform interoperability and integration virtually anywhere.  Equilibrium currently powers some of the largest BtoB portals, web 2.0 infrastructures and websites in the world including media: The Walt Disney Pictures and Television, Sony Pictures, Universal Music Group, E! Entertainment, Microsoft, Cisco, AOL,  NBC Universal, Warner Brothers; publishing: Hoovers, McGraw-Hill, Oxford; education: Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and Stanford.  For more information and free trials, please visit Equilibrium.

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