Equilibrium Releases New Version Of MediaRich Server

Includes Industrial-Strength Video Parallel Processing, New Flash Zoom and Pan, Video Templating, Mac OS X Leopard Compatibility

SAUSALITO, CA, February 14, 2008 – Equilibrium, the leading provider of automated media production and delivery solutions for the desktop, workgroup and enterprise, continues to enhance and expand the capabilities of its patented MediaRich technologies with the release of MediaRich® CORE 3.8.5. The upgrade is for the complete MediaRich product line, which includes MediaRich Server, MediaRich for SharePoint, MediaRich Merchandizer and MediaRich Audio/Video Server. Enhancements include the ability to process videos in parallel, a new Sonic Flash Zoom and Pan, video templating (with an optional expansion package), Mac OS X Leopard compatibility, support for additional image and video formats and much more. Availability is immediate. Current server customers may get the upgrade at no charge.

About MediaRich
Equilibrium MediaRich automates image, sound and video productions and enables the multi-channel delivery of any media assets. MediaRich is a robust, fault tolerant, massively scalable, high volume media distribution and repurposing engine. It enables today’s companies to leverage dynamic editing and delivery for the real-time creation of graphics, audio and video files on-demand to any device. MediaRich seamlessly integrates with any Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Content Management System (CMS). MediaRich allows any organization to collaborate and manage all of its digital assets. MediaRich can scale to meet any business’ digital asset needs regardless of the number of users or the original document, image or video file size or type. MediaRich intelligently ingests asset metadata and also adds previews to all assets, no matter what the original file format/size. Microsoft Office, image or video assets can be edited and deployed either as single items or in batches.

About Equilibrium
Equilibrium, the world leader in media processing since 1992 when it released the first automated graphics processing software, DeBabelizer, now leads the monetization of the next-generation Internet revolutions: music, video and mobile. Media companies can break through traditional limits in mass-produced media using Equilibrium’s unique, high-powered MediaRich engine for real-time personalization and delivery of music and video to everything – even mobile. Equilibrium offers its powerful solutions to the desktop, workgroup, enterprise and web-server, delivering the same core technology for cross-platform interoperability and integration virtually anywhere.

Equilibrium currently powers some of the largest BtoB portals, web 2.0 infrastructures and websites in the world including: The Walt Disney Pictures and Television, Sony Pictures, Universal Music Group, E! Entertainment, Microsoft, Cisco, AOL, NBC Universal, Warner Brothers; Hoovers, McGraw-Hill; Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and Stanford.

Equilibrium works with regional and global e-business integrators and web developers to provide training and support for implementing the open architecture of MediaRich Media Server and self-service media serving DAM solutions, content management systems, brand asset management and enterprise portal solutions. To learn more visit Equilibrium.


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