Equilibrium releases MediaRich ECM For SharePoint 2010 Online

Equilibrium and NetConnect Have Partnered to Create The Ultimate Hosted MediaRich Enabled SharePoint 2010 Experience

Equilibrium a software and cloud based hosted services company that enables business and consumers alike to manage, distribute and monetize their rich digital media (images, video, sound) to any device, and their hosting partner NetConnect, announced today the first hosted SharePoint 2010 Visual Collaboration and Asset Management System, MediaRich ECM for SharePoint On-Line.  The award winning enterprise version of MediaRich ECM combined with NetConnect’s Team Portal creates an elegant and easy-to-provision / administer experience with the full capabilities of SharePoint 2010.  Workgroups can view, watch, hear and find over 400 different file types enabling global collaboration on project files from a scalable centralized SharePoint 2010 portal.  No third party software is required on the end-user’s computer, just a browser or smart device.  The service is SAS70 Type II certified and can be customized like any other SharePoint site.

“It’s now possible to Instant-On a full MediaRich ECM for SharePoint, enabling simple review of digital video, image shoot dailies or collaboration portal in a secure easy to manage environment in a matter of minutes,” said Sean Barger, CEO of Equilibrium.  “NetConnect’s Team Portal hosting platform enables anyone to provision an entire creative project in SharePoint 2010 with a few clicks.”

“Equilibrium’s media asset management and visualization capabilities are best of breed and adds great value across our entire product range.” said PÃ¥l Storehaug, CEO NetConnect. “MediaRich ECM for SharePoint Online brings content support capabilities and visual search to Team Portal and the SharePoint applications in our App Store, which includes CRM, Project Management, Social Media and Intranet solutions.”

Companies seeking to accelerate collaboration and workflow approvals or need to simply find, view and prepare content, now have a great experience in any SharePoint workspace and from any smart device with MediaRich ECM for SharePoint.  This enables teams to quickly review approval workflows in record time and without third party software.  Export and batch processing functionality provides self-service features to even further accelerate content preparation for any task.  For quick b-to-b portals, diverse media projects from multiple locations or simply centralizing your marketing collateral for easy distribution – MediaRich ECM for SharePoint On-Line provides an Instant-On hosted media collaboration portal that you can – Try it free for 30 days.

About NetConnect

NetConnect was founded in 2007 to empower people and organizations with the best tools to collaborate, communicate and work together. NetConnect is creating a global marketplace for SharePoint applications through a flexible partner model. Team Portal provides a framework in which SharePoint application templates and web parts can be published accelerating time to market and quickly expanding the reach via a global network of partners.

About Equilibrium

Equilibrium has been publishing MediaRich for SharePoint since 2003, built on the patented, scalable MediaRich engine enabling automatic real-time personalization, preparation and delivery of music, images and video for websites, portals, digital asset management systems and hosted services. Equilibrium MediaRich’s customers include Sony, Disney, Warner Bros, Nikon Europe and Thomson Reuters.


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