Equilibrium Releases MediaRich CORE 3.9

New Features Include World’s First, Resizable On-Demand Zoom and Pan Experience That Eliminates Pre-Processing Workflow Time and Staff Costs

SAUSALITO, CA, February 5, 2009 – Equilibrium®, the leading provider of automated media production and delivery solutions, today announced the release of MediaRich Core 3.9, which includes many new features, specifically: new multi-page, resizable Sonic Flash Zoom and Pan capabilities; built-in web implementation examples; sample imaging and video HotFolders; and, new video filetypes; and cross-platform Open Office support. These additions bring 188 new document types to the system. French, German, Japanese, and Korean language installers are now available.

MediaRich is a sophisticated management tool for digital media that features a scalable, high-volume media distribution and repurposing engine. It enables companies to create, process and assemble graphics, audio and video files dynamically from original sources and then deliver them to websites, wireless and portable devices without human intervention. MediaRich powers some of the largest B2B portals, web 2.0 infrastructures and websites in the world. MediaRich customers include Cisco, Disney, E! Entertainment, Netshops, Omnicom TMV, and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“Our new multi-page, resizable Sonic Flash Zoom and Pan delivers a fluid, high-quality experience and can be easily embedded in any web page, device, or web application window “, said Sean Barger CEO of Equilibrium. “This release also includes several important new file formats, expanding the ability to view, instantaneously, a total of over 300 image and video file types.”

MediaRich 3.9 delivers dynamic, on-demand, massively scalable asset processing and templating on a wide array of documents, images, CMYK files and video frames up to HD in size. Further, digital media can be processed and deployed without having to do any pre-processing, and without the need to create a proprietary format, and with new Open Office connector, installation of Microsoft Office and a server license are no longer required to provide on-demand visualization of Office file types.

MediaRich CORE seamlessly integrates with any Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Content Management Systems (CMS). MediaRich CORE 3.9 Server Software is available for Windows and Macintosh servers today, and a Linux version is coming soon.

Details of some the updated features of MediaRich 3.9:

  • Multiple Language installers: the installer is now available in multiple languages on Windows. For Windows 2003/Win XP, the installation procedure now is in English, French, German, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Website demonstrations: demonstrations are now included for both on-demand imaging and video publishing
  • Sample Imaging and Video HotFolders: these are set up and ready to go after installation and provide a number of MediaScripts™ and pre-set demonstrations of data migrations for both imaging and video filetypes
  • Cross-platform Open Office Support: this is the first time both Mac and Windows releases gain Microsoft Office filetype support by simply installing the Open Office 3.0 release on MediaRich Server. The connectors for Open Office provide not only Office filetype support, but also many other popular filetype ingestion capabilities into MediaRich, including Lotus 1-2-3, Notes, HTML, .txt, .RTF, and the STAR line of office applications among others.

MediaRich CORE Demonstrations

  • Content Visualization  – Use MediaScripts to perform an almost infinite number of processes
  • Audio/Video Features – process time-based audio and video files while allowing you to auto-assemble programming on-demand, deliverable to any device
  • Zoom and Pan examples – when customers see all the rich details of your products, watch your conversion rates and order sizes increase
  • In-Page Zoom and Pan – A  Zoom and Pan interface which is compatible with all browsers

About Equilibrium
Equilibrium, the world leader in media processing since 1992 when it released the first automated graphics processing software, DeBabelizer®, now leads the monetization of the next-generation Internet revolutions. The patented, high-powered MediaRich engine enables real-time personalization and delivery of music, images and video to any device. Equilibrium offers breakthrough cross-platform technology solutions featuring interoperability and integration for the workgroup, enterprise and web-server, delivering the same CORE technology for cross-platform interoperability and integration virtually anywhere. Equilibrium is a Microsoft Gold Partner. To learn more visit Equilibrium or call +1.415.332.4343.


Equilibrium and MediaRich are registered trademarks of Equilibrium. MediaScript is a trademark of Equilibrium.Patent Numbers 6,792,575 and 6,964,009, other patents pending for automated media processing and dynamic multi-platform delivery.

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