Equilibrium Announces Audio-Video iKit for DeBabelizer Pro 6.1/Server for Automated Video Editing and Compression for High-Volume Media Delivery


New Audio-Video Interface Kit empowers you to automatically edit, optimize, compress and convert QuickTime, Windows Media, MPEG-4 video for fast, high-quality delivery on iPod, 3G Phones, Sony PSP, Archos Media Player, Web streaming, WMA/WMV and more with a drag and drop on the Desktop Client Application or Workgroup Server for high speed environments

NAB 2006, LAS VEGAS, NV–APRIL 24, 2006–Equilibrium®, the leading provider of automated media production and delivery solutions for the desktop, workgroup and enterprise, today announced the availability of the Audio-Video Interface Kit (A/V iKit) for Equilibrium® DeBabelizer® Server, which expands the Server product into a complete Audio/Video Processing solution.  Simultaneous with the A/V iKit release, DeBabelizer Pro 6.1 and the Server version now have QuickTime 7 support and MPEG-4 AAC encoding capability.  Now anyone can quickly and easily repurpose all their video for optimal delivery on the web and portable media players with a drag and drop on their desktop.

With the professional-strength DeBabelizer Server, coupled with DeBabelizer Pro, a standard imaging workflow can be applied to scores of video files. Teams of videographers can now send multiple video editing jobs to the server for high-speed processing and delivery, and anyone can simply drop media into a Hot Folder with an assigned imaging workflow. Individuals and workgroups in need of quick, configurable image, video, or sound processing will realize an immediate return-on-investment by automating their media workflow on the desktop or server.

“Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro has long been the professional tool for repurposing images, animations and digital video for optimal cross-media delivery,” said Sean Barger, Founder and CEO of Equilibrium. “With the new A/V iKit, anyone with a video camera can easily drag and drop all their video onto an Action-Packed droplet in DeBabelizer Pro 6 to instantly resize, composite text, watermark a logo ‘bug’, compress, convert and optimize their video for high-speed, high-quality delivery via email, web streaming, 3G mobile phones, and multiple portable media devices including Apple iPod, Archos, and Sony players on-demand.”


As stand-alone automated media processing software, Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 6 enables desktop designers to automatically edit, optimize and convert an unlimited number of images, animations and digital video files for optimal delivery on the Web, mobile devices, DVDs, video games, interactive applications and print. With a completely new UI for easy droplet creation, new interface kits for processing Audio-Video and Digimarc® digital watermarking, and one-button Automator export, DeBabelizer Pro 6 enables you to quickly integrate the power and flexibility of automated media processing into any modern workflow.

For large workgroup environments and creative agencies, DeBabelizer Pro 6 is server-ready for the Equilibrium DeBabelizer Server for Mac OS X Server and Microsoft Windows Server 2003, which when activated, enables multiple users of the DeBabelizer Pro 6 Client to automatically process numerous projects on the server and deliver the resulting media transformations to any off-line location or FTP site, as well as deliver back to the Client system when finished or Zip and send to anyone via e-mail.  DeBabelizer Server is fault tolerant, includes Web client administration and progress reporting that enable enterprise users to create server-side media processing workflows quickly and easily.

Video Format Support
The new A/V iKit for Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 6.1 and DeBabelizer Server supports several dozen video export formats and codecs including 3G, iPod, QuickTime, AVI, DV Stream, MPEG-4/Video, DV-PAL/NTSC, H.264, Sorenson Video 3, DV/DVC Pro and has been tested with all third-party codecs including Flip4Mac Pro HD, Windows® Media, Adobe® Flash, Avid® DV, HDV 1080i60 among others.

Pricing and Availability
The new Audio-Video compression features are free and available for registered owners of Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 6 for Mac OS X. The A/V iKit for DeBabelizer Server for Mac OS X/Server and Windows XP/Windows Server retails for $3,995 per CPU. For downloads of free trials, tutorials, datasheets and $50 Rebate Coupon for DeBabelizer Pro for Mac OS X and Windows XP, please visit www.equilibrium.com.

About Equilibrium
Equilibrium, the world leader in automated media processing since 1992, now leads the monetization of the next-generation Internet revolutions: music, video and mobile.  Media companies can break through traditional limits in mass-produced media using Equilibrium’s unique, high-powered MediaRich engine for real-time personalization and delivery of music and video to everything – even mobile.  Equilibrium offers its powerful solutions to the desktop, workgroup, enterprise and web-server, delivering the same core technology for cross-platform interoperability and integration virtually anywhere.  Equilibrium currently powers some of the largest BtoB portals, web 2.0 infrastructures and websites in the world including media: The Walt Disney Pictures and Television, Sony Pictures, Universal Music Group, E! Entertainment, Microsoft, Cisco, AOL,  NBC Universal, Warner Brothers; publishing: Hoovers, McGraw-Hill, Oxford; education: Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and Stanford.  For more information and free trials, please visit Equilibrium.

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