EQuick Demo Video – MediaRich Publisher Automatic Experience Management™

Now Available in MediaRich Server and MediaRich SharePoint Products.

MediaRich Publisher OnPrem or in the cloud in AWS or Azure now comes with powerful easy publishing portal called MediaRich Publisher with Automatic Experience Management™

MediaRich Publisher is the easy way to ingest and get any deployment required in seconds from any current Digital Asset Management system, or original content location. NOW AVAILABLE as an option with MediaRich ECM for SharePoint or OneViewer for SharePoint Online. Just add MediaRich Publisher  and you have Automatic Experience Management™ for over-the-top content delivery, and easy dynamic imaging, responsive mobile content delivery, or any of MediaRich’s UniZoom deliveries. Simply upload or “publish” your content from SharePoint or any other current asset repository. Whether it’s needed for e-tail content management system delivery, PDF review and approval, any Camera RAW file, large Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign file, or one of over 400 file-types. The MediaRich Publisher automatically optimizes the content and provides all the links, and embed codes for any system. MediaRich Server can then deliver over 800 dynamic images per second from the proprietary dynamic imaging engine providing you a centralized publishing center for embedding and delivering content into any CMS, web page, sharing via e-mail over-the-top solving big collaboration and web content publishing issues immediately.

Features include:

  • Dynamic responsive mobile thumbnail and large preview creation (with and without large viewer pop-up)
  • Embed UniZoom link generation for multi-page view anywhere capability
  • In-page UniZoom views (no pop-up needed, just zoom in the page) – great for e-tail applications where you want to maximize the mobile viewing experience
  • Embed content with DIV and iFrames into WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, SiteCore, Alfresco and Drupal
  • SEO friendly MediaRich Locators now included (MRL’s) for creating and automatically updating content dynamically everywhere (Just upload a new file, and all files instantly change!)
  • All with high-volume blindingly fast delivery for any sized web content delivery

The following EQuick demo video presents the new Upload and Publish capabilities shipping with every MediaRich Server and now is available for all MediaRich ECM or OneViewer customers to add today:

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