EQUILIBRIUM UNVEILS EQ NETWORK – A Free Video Channel Publishing Service for Creating, Storing, Following and Watching

EQ Network is the first video service that eliminates pre-preparation of videos, automatically manages all content for high quality display on all devices, handles long and short form videos directly from cameras and auto-synchronizes the environment for a view anywhere experience

Las Vegas, Wednesday, January 11, 2012 – Consumer Electronics Show, Content in the Cloud- Sean Barger, CEO of Equilibrium® today announced the unveiling of EQ Network Beta release. EQ Network™ provides seamless video delivery for high quality viewing on public and private channels across mobile phones, tablets, computers and Internet TVs from just about any video source, filetype or camera. The EQ Network App offers an extremely simple, highly intuitive consumer interface to simply watch video where and when viewers want to.

“For entertainment, business, friends and family, people are increasingly using an array of Internet connected devices to create and view video,” stated Barger, “but ease of use and scalability issues remain a stumbling block to widespread adoption”.

The global digital video market is expanding exponentially yet substantial challenges remain for both content owners and consumers.  The creation, processing, delivery, sharing and viewing of online streaming video is not yet a seamless experience for the delivery to the large number of platforms for mobile and internet TV.

Today’s fragmented market of consumer electronic devices, coupled with a lack of sophisticated, but easy to use management tools means that most media companies and consumers have to resort to very tedious and expensive, manually intensive processes to ingest, distribute and maintain their video assets.

EQ Network solves these problems by providing a simple user experience allowing the consumer or other content owners to upload, watch and share high quality (HD) video that eliminates the format and operating system issues.

“After extensive research, we have determined that the current hosted video capabilities and installable product suites are really expensive to scale, don’t provide instant end-to-end video delivery and are highly frustrating to all involved”, added Barger, “Equilibrium has created a new, centralized approach for publishing and subscribing to video channels eliminating the high cost of mobilizing video content while enabling seamless watching experiences across devices.”

The EQ Network service provides high quality viewing of both public and private video content across smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs from just about any video source, filetype or camera. The hosted, cloud based service automatically transforms video on-the-fly virtually eliminating the labor intensive preprocessing of video content and the programming exercise normally associated with supporting multiple devices.

To get the EQ Network App and learn more about the EQ Network Consumer and Enterprise Video Service Beta register here.

About EQ Network
EQ Network, a free service, enables anyone can upload videos directly from the camera or from your saved videos into video channels and automatically publish them to all who subscribe. Share your videos to Facebook and Twitter among other social services. With the EQ Network App you can search, subscribe, manage your own video channels and videos, modify your associated metadata content from anywhere.

About Equilibrium
Equilibrium has developed the EQ Network service in concert with the Ad-Per-View® dynamic in-stream advertising system built on the Mediarich engine. Since 2004, Equilibrium has been publishing MediaRich for SharePoint and the patented, massively scalable MediaRich engine enabling automatic real-time personalization, preparation and delivery of audio, images and video for websites, portals, digital asset management systems and hosted services. Equilibrium’s customers include Sony, Disney, Warner Bros, Nikon Europe, Feeding America, WorldVision.org and Monsanto. MediaRich enables media enterprises to quickly review approval workflows in record time and without third party software for over 400 different file types, including Adobe graphics, eps and pdf files, videos, audio, documents and most raw camera formats.  Companies seeking to accelerate collaboration and workflow approvals or needing to simply find, view and prepare content, now have a great experience in any SharePoint workspace and from any smart device with MediaRich ECM for SharePoint.

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