Compuwave Adds Equilibrium’s MediaRich® Solutions To Product Offerings

Compuwave Adds Equilibrium’s MediaRich® Solutions To Product Offerings

Equilibrium’s MediaRich® Product Offerings Enable Compuwave To Offer Customers Enhancements to Existing SharePoint Infrastructures.

Compuwave, one of the leading non-standard software distributors in Europe, recently announced that they will offer Equilibrium’s MediaRich® solutions to their extensive reseller network for their customers. This partnership will enable Compuwave to provide the missing business capabilities most SharePoint users are asking for in their SharePoint ecosystem. Customers will now be able to better manage digital assets via consolidation and streamlined optimization of workflows and projects.

MediaRich® ECM for SharePoint solutions are highly collaborative, offer visual file displays for over 400 file types including Adobe’s formats and will support annotations for faster reviews and approvals. They can be used by team members to locate, preview, modify, administer, and deploy corporate approved assets from within a secure, centralized, self-service portal. All of Equilibrium’s products operate without the need for the use of additional plugins, special software, or downloads. They improve the speed of execution of workflows and allow teams to be in sync and more productive. “We are confident that the benefits and value propositions from these products are self-evident and all of our vendors will prosper tremendously along with their clients”, said Oliver Schnapka, CEO of Compuwave GmbH. By adding Equilibrium’s product offerings to the company’s software portfolio, Compuwave can provide organizations of any size the opportunity to leverage and enhance their preexisting SharePoint investments.

“We focus only on 20 of our approximately 1,000 vendors. For those vendors, Compuwave provides a deep market entry/penetration and professional sales support. Over the last couple of years, we’ve focused on SharePoint add-on tools”, emphasizes Schnapka. “One of our most interesting and in demand vendors is Equilibrium with its leading products including MediaRich® ECM for SharePoint, OneViewer, and Visualizer. Equilibrium fits perfectly into our target sector and completes our portfolio in this focus area.”

About Compuwave
Compuwave GmbH ( is an international software distributor originally focusing on the D/A/CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and France markets. The owner-managed company has expanded strongly on the European continent in recent years. With long-term industry experience in distribution, they specialize in software procurement, distribution and license consulting.

About Equilibrium
Founded in 2004, Equilibrium provides on-premise or cloud-based software to centralize, streamline, automate, and optimize digital asset performance and workflows for a wide variety of verticals including architecture, engineering, construction, packaging, manufacturing, marketing agencies, corporate communications, and government organizations. Visit: to learn more and schedule a meeting.


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