MediaRich ECM for SharePoint Overview

A quick overview of all the latest features and incredible potential to dramatically increase user productivity in SharePoint

MediaRich Server Overview

Get an overview of the powerful functionality and extensibility of MediaRich Server. 2:54

MediaRich Audio/Video Features

MediaRich can automatically process and assemble audio and video files on demand, and deliver them to any device. 10:00

MediaRich Server powers some of the largest b-to-b Portals and Websites in the world. This demonstration touches upon some of the on-the-fly video processing power in the MediaRich A/V Core Engine available for license, ASP and OEM models.

MediaRich Server Technical Overview

Equilibrium’s CTO explores how MediaRich can take total control and automate production of your video, media and images. 9:20

MediaRich Server’s patented technology dynamically processes over 500 media filetypes and enables any company to create their own media delivery pipeline solutions. Companies like Extensis, Vertis, Schawk, North Plains, Disney, Sony and Warner Bros have built their solutions on the MediaRich Server’s flexible architecture. This video presents an overview of the MediaRich Architecture and fundamental capabilities and deployment scenarios.

Equilibrium Solutions Brochure

Equilibrium Solutions Brochure