Equilibrium has partnered with industry veteran Luster National to create a new Quality Management System (QMS) which is the first offering in a line of upcoming cloud-based digital transformation solutions. Equilibrium provides the technology and solutions integration experience while Luster National has 30+ years of executing quality management projects across industries and verticals. For more about the partnership see the news release here.

QMS is a next-generation quality management system that enables unprecedented levels of transparency, collaboration and approval within all phases of the quality management process.

Key Features

ISO 9001:2015 Focused – “Plan-Do-Check Act”

Adhering to the highest level of international standards – QMS, is an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system centered around risk-based thinking and features automated sequential reviews and approval processes associated with the ISO “Plan-Do-Check Act” standard.

Built-In Audit Trails

QMS features an automatic file naming system with built-in audit trails history for every review request. This ensures that the system adheres to all major quality compliance and regulatory requirements and provides the necessary reporting to make sure all steps are completed before signing.

Enhanced Workflow Processes

Workflow processes, interrelationships, and interdependencies are uniquely presented in a simple and user-friendly interface and ensures that no critical steps are overseen.

Progress Tracking

QMS provides advanced progress-tracking for any quality record while providing stakeholders with real time transactional alerts at every decision point through email notification. This architecture ensures that stakeholders within the quality management team always receive approval tasks on time and in the correct order.

Cloud & On Premises

QMS is available as a hosted cloud service, but can also be integrated into existing on premises environments, including SharePoint.

In-place Review & Annotate any files

QMS has integrated Equilibrium’s patented RenderStream™ technology which ingests and normalizes over 450 file types creating a consistent review experience from anywhere without the need for plug-ins, downloads, synching or other software applications.

  • Thumbnails and previews without downloading files or client-side rendering makes content access easy and trouble free
  • Encryption of centralized viewing middleware layer
  • Consistent viewing experience everywhere, including any browser or mobile device
  • Controlled delivery without synching, plug-ins, apps, downloads or attachments
  • RenderStream asynchronous viewing to provide high equality, low bandwidth and secure viewing

Middleware Integration

Powerful APIs allow QMS to act as a middleware solution to existing legacy systems. By doing so, QMS greatly improves QM by providing automated and fully ISO 9001:2015 compliant review & approval process and quality audit suite functionality.

Our Approach & Luster National Partnership

Equilibrium’s approach to Quality Management is intended to collaboratively manage and mitigate risk, through consistent application of strong sequential workflows, compliant file naming conventions, processes, procedures, collaboration anywhere enablement and smart file management tools. QMS is the first product of Equilibrium and Luster National, Inc. (Luster), an AEC industry Program & Project Management professional services firm. The goal of this partnership is to accelerate global AEC industry clients into the future of industry digitalization by bringing proven technology utilized in other industries.

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