Upgrade to MediaRich ECM for SharePoint

MediaRich Visualizer for SharePoint is based on the same engine that powers our market leading ECM for SharePoint product and offers many of the same powerful features that you find in that product but does differ in certain areas.

Key Reasons to Upgrade to ECM for SharePoint

Support for the Adobe file formats

In ECM you gain support for key Adobe file formats for PhotoShop, Illustrator and Indesign. You can see the full list here

Self Service Export

The ability for the self-service Export of images and videos that allows users to create derivatives of the originals utilising the extensive file formats supported by MediaRich. Utilising the power of media scripts you are able to not only transcode to other formats but also perform a wide range of transformations to both images and videos saving the need to download the original files, open them in software (that requires licenses) or have to push work on to other departments taking up valuable time and resources.

Batch Processing

Using the MediaRich Toolbar you can select large numbers of files and process the together in batches allowing users to take the required assets and deliver them in all the formats and transformed as required.



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iFrameResize({checkOrigin: false});

To learn more about MediaRich ECM for SharePoint visit the product page or to upgrade from Visualizer contact us or get us to contact you.



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