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Slash the time and costs of preparing and repurposing media with automation, templating and dynamic imaging

The MediaRich image and video processing server is state-of-the-art image and video server software that offers powerful functionality and true automation for today’s media and content centric businesses.

Streamline the image and video production process
MediaRich Server streamlines the image and video production process by providing dynamic imaging (e.g. creation of graphics on demand) across an entire enterprise optimized, and delivered to corporate web sites, intranets, and partner exchanges.

Cut time and cost of preparing media for multi-channel delivery
If you re-purposing images or videos for multiple channels (Web, print, wireless, etc.) then MediaRich can drastically reduce time and costs by automating the manual process of preparing media for multi-channel delivery.

  • Shortens image production cycles and time to market
  • Delivers significant cost savings and return on investment (ROI)
  • Enables truly dynamic and personalized web sites
  • Extends investment in enterprise content management solutions

Media Automation – 450+ File Formats Supported
MediaRich supports over 450 image, video, audio, Open Office and RAW camera filetypes including Microsoft Office, native Photoshop and Illustrator files and online file formats. Dynamically convert product images or videos from vendors and other sources into Web-ready formats with support for most popular file formats

Eliminate the need to save multiple versions of images and videos
Let your creatives and production teams spend more time developing creative and engaging content.

Use the tools your designers love
Take advantage of a designer’s familiarity with Photoshop and Illustrator functionality – no conversion to proprietary or Web-ready formats is required.

Designers can work in the original file format of any size and color mode (paletted, RGB, CMYK), and create media templates to convert a group of images or videos for a particular project for any medium.

Server-level control over Photoshop Layers

Dynamically change the color of an image or image layer using RGB, CMYK, or hexadecimal color value

  • Enables products to be merchandised in all available colors from a manufacturer, reducing product returns and customer service costs
  • Provides interactivity associated with real-world shopping experiences which increases consumer confidence and increases sales conversion rates by displaying every possible color combination
  • Reduces production time and expenses by enabling just-in-time deployment of multiple color variations from a single source image regardless if the final output is intended for web, print, or multimedia.

Automate routine tasks, making it quick and easy to apply changes to a large number of files

Dynamically scale, move, or rotate images for specific page layouts and designs

Dynamically generate illustrations,charts, graphs, and other visual elements from databases
MediaRich provides the ability to create illustrations such as charts, graphs, and other visual elements from database information, helping to design interactive presentations. Drawing functionality also brings collaboration into the image approval workflow by allowing different portions of an image to be highlighted.

  • Improves business efficiencies by eliminating the need for legacy software and hardware to view specific file formats for engineering documents
  • Provides the ability for programmers to create images based on information directly from a database, commerce platform, or XML files
  • Provides more visually appealing display for photographs and images with personalized content, feature highlights, and product information

Dynamically combine images with text, backgrounds and photographs
Automatically merge multiple images allowing for an infinite number of image possibilities in Web advertising, tradeshow collateral, and other marketing materials.

  • Slash time-consuming and expensive manual image manipulations.
  • Increases sales and reduces costly returns by allowing customers to browse and personalize styles and preview actual product combinations
  • Create new cross-sell and up-sell opportunites

Dynamically generate text in TrueType and PostScript fonts
This feature enables a graphic designer to define imagery for navigational menus or to add variable text directly to images, or preview page layouts online.

Unicode font support, including double-byte and Kanji characters
Provides the ability to localize navigation elements with for organizations with multi-national audiences
Updates graphically rich navigation on the fly, directly from a content management system or online page layout application

Easily modify images within design templates for global changes to site navigation
including color, font, and copy by changing a single variable

Built for brand consistency
Generates images that are based on corporate data from any number of sources ensuring a consistent global brand of files.

Complete color management and control for brand consistency
MediaRich has the ability to load and manage ICC color profiles and provide optimized, high-quality images for any Internet platform, device, or bandwidth. This feature assures appropriate color usage across the enterprise. In addition, MediaRich support for Web client cookies allows businesses to take advantage to extend personalization to images and videos while optimizing the content served.

Performs color mode conversions with support for ICC profiles and simplifies print to web conversion
Provides the ability to load and save ICC color profiles associated with source images for accurate output color rendering across various Internet-enabled devices.

Fastest image loading time and highest quality for any platform, device, or bandwidth
Leverages existing media templates and device profiles to optimize media for all Web-enabled devices. Eliminates the need to design images for the lowest common denominator.

Works with digital asset management systems to ensure that the optimal, personalized content is provided to an knowledge workers


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