View your assets in any SharePoint Library Instantly!

Why Visualizer for SharePoint

Visualizer uses the same powerful infrastructure as our MediaRich ECM for SharePoint product but with a more focussed feature set aimed at the visualisation and searching of your assets.

Visualizer empowers users of SharePoint by creating thumbnails and previews of assets in libraries, it changes all search by extraction of metadata and the addition of custom metadata, and then view assets on any platform securely without the need to download.

Visualize 100’s of asset types in your libraries


With the simple click of a button Visualizer enables any Document Library or Asset Library to harness all the power of MediaRich’s features, you will instantly see thumbnails from any browser (including mobile) in the existing location of these files. Visualizer supports over 400 file types that span from office files, camera, image, drawing, and video formats which means virtually any file is available to you, way beyond what is available in SharePoint natively.

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Upload batches and enhanced Search


With the MediaBatch Uploader Visualizer can upload an entire folder and sub-folder lists of files automatically and the Metadata post-processing stage extracts metadata and allows for the creation of customs fields.  The combination of visualized assets and enhanced metadata allows users to view, watch, and hear files “In-Place” making it easy to locate everything they need before they download the files, saving time and resources.

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View files anywhere


The UniZoom™ viewer provides all-browser, multi-device, universal multi-page zoom and pan technology allowing you to view your documents anywhere without having to download the entire file.

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