Top 5 Benefits for All SharePoint Users

1. Instant-On dramatically changes user’s visual acceptance of SharePoint.

2. It’s super easy to find any file via visible search or playback.

3. New MediaRich Document type empowers users with the metadata they need to make timely business decisions.

4. No need for special viewers or slow download requests. Users simply click on the file they want to view and all the work is done by MediaRich.

5. Increase productivity with powerful search tools including image-specific metadata.

Five Reasons Creative and Marketing pros love MediaRich® ECM for SharePoint

1. Accelerate time-to-market for critical product launches and marketing campaigns
Establish approval workflows to streamline production and reduce costs. Quickly and easily locate media assets by browsing thumbnail previews and accelerate the approval process with threaded discussions, alerts, check-in/check-out functionality and version history.

2. Enforce brand consistency and maintain greater control over multi-channel marketing materials. Enable “self-service” creation of graphics and videos for use in product images, videos, marketing collateral, and presentations for Web, print, and multimedia. This ensures that the same corporate-approved original image and video is being used by everyone in your organization – eliminating the dilution of your brands assets. In addition, you can secure all your assets using Digimarc.

3. Provide partners and remote sales team access to brand assets through a corporate portal
Collaborate on assets with customers and partners to strengthen business relations. Businesses can protect brand asset integrity while providing a Web-based environment for both partners and remote sales force to access and use brand assets within corporate defined guidelines.

4. Reuse rather than recreate brand assets eliminating errors and duplicated work
Protect the commercial value of media and reinforce consistent branding with MediaRich by displaying media previews of all popular image and video file formats.  Enables non-technical information workers to update and manage visual content without burdening the art department.

5. Increase productivity with powerful search tools including image-specific metadata
Use metadata specific to images for more accurate search results. Extend powerful SharePoint search capabilities with MediaRich metadata support to both read and write industry standard image and video metadata and to provide thumbnail previews in your search results of the most popular file formats. Preview and play any video file if the appropriate player is installed.

Five Reasons IT Teams Love MediaRich® ECM for SharePoint

1. Control digital media assets corporate wide within the SharePoint environment
MediaRich extends SharePoint’s document collaboration capabilities to create a powerful, yet cost-effective digital asset management solution (DAM). Remove the added cost of training, maintenance and support of a third party system for media asset management.

2. It’s the powerful and affordable digital asset management solution for Microsoft Windows platform
Whether your company is using Windows SharePoint Services for workgroup productivity or SharePoint Portal Server for an entire enterprise, MediaRich for SharePoint provides all the functionality you need, without the high price you may expect.

3. Use Microsoft Office as a powerful set of collaboration tools
Thanks to the Web services provided by Windows SharePoint Services, search and access corporate approved images directly from a Microsoft Office application (Word, PowerPoint or Excel) or within SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services sites.

4. Manage a global brand from within a single IT platform
MediaRich extends SharePoint Portal Server so that organizations, from small work groups to large enterprises, can manage all corporate brand assets in a secure environment and leverages Microsoft Windows Active Directory for security, user roles, and account management.

5. Reduce high cost image and video production and media storage
MediaRich for SharePoint reduces the time and cost of locating, modifying, managing, and deploying media assets, in a secure self-service portal.  Transform your images and videos using corporate guidelines or provide the flexibility to allow information workers to select the file format, size, and resolution before downloading the required image or video to any device.

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