A/V Core 2

Automatically process and assemble audio and video files on-demand and deliver to any device, app or website.

The new A/V Core 2 engine that powers the new MediaRich’s audio and video handling has been completely re-written as a 64-bit engine that allows it to take advantage of GPU acceleration and the ability to process large files including 4K and 8k video.

High Speed Transcoding

A/V Core 2 offers incredible high-speed software transcoding which offers over 6 times speed improvements from the previous A/V Core. The addition of GPU hardware transcoding via Intel Quick Sync brings even higher speeds.

Automated Editing

A/V Core 2 can edit each frame individually in the transcode pipeline, these modifications are script driven, using the MediaRich Pipe to apply transitions, transformations, effects and overlays to each frame. It can even embed Digimarc watermarks into the frames if you have a license.

Powerful auto-assembly

Unlimited number of clips can be combined into a single output file and single track (one each for audio and video), either via appending or even overlaying one another. It can also generate multiple tracks if required.


A/V Core 2 can even auto-rotate videos shot in portrait or upside down (using the device rotation metadata if available).

Still images can easily be converted into videos and the same scripted effects, transitions, etc. can be applied.

Audio can be combined separately from video, allowing for replacement of the existing audio in the video file with a soundtrack or narration, thus making versioning for multiple markets a simple process.

Video and audio are normalized, removing issues with multiple formats in a single movie, to a single format without having to rely on a special player capable of playing variable format containers.

Input and Output flexibility

A/V Core 2 supports the widest range of input and output formats, and their associated codecs allowing the ability to take in different formats and delivering to the required outputs that are compatible with HTML5, Flash, and Silverlight. There is support for more advanced formats like MXF and GXF included for those in broadcast environments.

Metadata Support

Tagged metadata can now be extracted and embedded with most file formats supported by AVCore 2.

Surround Sound

A/V Core 2 enables surround sound audio transcoding for AAC and AC3 codecs*

A/V Settings Maker

A/V Core 2 offers a built-in web-based settings generator that makes the creation of settings files easy. It will output a simple JSON-based text files that can be edited in any text editor after the fact if needed.

*Not currently supported for mobile platform delivery

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