MediaRich OneViewer Beta


Be among the first to take advantage of the powerful view anywhere capabilities of the new MediaRich® OneViewer™ for Office 365  add-in with 400 file type thumbnailing and viewing functionality. You can sign up below to join the beta program where you will be given access to this powerful new enhancement for SharePoint Online that was a hit at the recent Microsoft Ignite show.

Built on the same patented MediaRich server platform powering ECM for SharePoint, OneViewer simply enables the viewing of over 400 file types in your SharePoint Online library. You will see the difference immediately, as all your assets will have a thumbnail. A simple click on the thumbnail will launch the HTML5 OneViewer, which displays the file to be inspected; you can zoom into areas of interest, navigate through all pages of multi-page documents – because of MediaRich dynamic rendering capability, the size of the original file does not matter. You can view assets from any cross-platform browser or mobile device. No need for plug-ins or any special software installed to view files and no downloading of files at all- OneViewer enables view anywhere directly from within Office 365.

SharePoint Online standard
OneViewer transforms this….
MediaRich OneViewer Library
…into a visual library…
UniZoom View anywhere
…allowing files to viewed anywhere with no need to download!!


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