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EQ Network is a video platform that provides an easy to use, instantly shareable and visually compelling viewing experience. The platform enables end-to-end automation for video transformation, content control and Ad insertion to meet the growing demand for monetized premium and social video everywhere. The global digital video market is expanding exponentially yet substantial challenges remain for both content owners and consumers. The creation, processing, delivery, sharing and viewing of online streaming video is not yet a seamless experience for the delivery to the large number of platforms for mobile and internet TV. Today’s fragmented market of consumer electronic devices, coupled with a lack of sophisticated, but easy to use management tools means that most media companies and consumers have to resort to very tedious and expensive, manually intensive processes to ingest, distribute and maintain their video assets. EQ Network solves these problems by providing a simple user experience allowing studios, broadcasters, businesses or the consumer to directly upload, watch and share high quality (HD) video that eliminates the format and operating system issues.
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Media & Entertainment Companies

Video delivery to multiple devices requires separate delivery platforms with manual task management or controls, which disrupt video flow, interrupt viewer interaction, hamper data collection and corrupt Ad results. Manual stops and starts diminish the user experience for viewers and reduce the reach and impact of Ads. As premium and social viewers and the number of videos with Ads increases, the processes, manual interactions and delivery costs increase exponentially. This complexity and cost ultimately force premium content providers like Studios and other Distributors to give up direct control of their content delivery to third party aggregators. Social networks have developed extensive systems that connect users to one another, however while they can share and display short form video or image files, they fall short with regard to high quality, long form video. EQ Network is a video platform that operates in the cloud and provides seamless video delivery for high quality viewing on public and private channels across mobile phones, tablets, computers and Internet TVs from just about any video source, filetype or camera automatically. The EQ Network App offers an extremely simple, highly intuitive consumer interface to simply watch video where and when viewers want to. EQ Network enables the end-to-end management, content control and Ad insertion to meet the requirements for Studios, Broadcasters, Production Companies and Publishers for tracking and monetizing premium video everywhere.
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Crowd Sourced Video

By directly sourcing video from viewers, EQ Network enables Studios, Broadcasters, Music and Book Publishers to listen to their audience via directly sourced video feedback. Viewers create and upload videos into public or private channels and express likes, dislikes or video commentary directly into public or private channels. Listening for viewer sentiment captured directly into uploaded video commentary clips and text based comments on specific videos. Crowd sourcing allows Media and Entertainment companies to build audience through social video expression and create influence videos. Events, such as music concerts, film festivals and even movie premiers can be promoted and highlighted like never before. By creating an EQ Network crowd sourced video channel, promoters can generate hyperactivity amongst enthusiastic fan bases that can instantly and automatically share via all the major social networks. With EQ Networks local Crowd Sourcing capability, geographically defined channels are easy to create for concert and festival events where attendees share sense exclusivity while sharing a dramatic experience. EQ Network combines premium and social video including crowd sourced video to create a truly unique solution for Media and Entertainment companies. Video everywhere provides Studios and Broadcasters with the ability to simultaneously deliver, control and monetize HD premium video in a multi-screen environment while maintaining viewer continuity. Video everywhere from EQ Network enables viewers to comment on and instantly share and while viewing premium and social content in a multi-screen environment.
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Business Video Users EQ Network is a video platform that operates in the cloud and enables organizations, from global multinational corporations to small businesses and volunteer groups to create a video broadcasting global network or privately shared, secure channels instantly. EQ Network can be used as an instant video solution for communications and collaboration, at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Video has long been considered too expensive, too complex, an “out-of-reach” technology for everyday business use. EQ Network solves that problem with a video everywhere solution that is both affordable and instantly available over the Internet. A small team, a department or entire organization can quickly and easily implement EQ Network. It’s easy to manage; deliver and store secure organizational communication video or restricted private videos to a select few.
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Increase productivity, efficiency, partner and customer relations

EQ Network makes instant video a reality for small and midsize businesses. Achieving faster, more accurate and compelling communications internally and with partners and customers is key to growing businesses and other organizations:
  • Increase productivity with multiscreen viewing everywhere: public or private channels
  • Improve direct customer communications with “face-to-face” influential promotions
  • Reduce the costs and productivity losses associated with travel
  • Increase the accuracy of collaborative meetings, with compelling HD video records, that can be reviewed and shared to build team productivity
  • Create personalized communications to create and maintain direct connections with remote and mobile workers
  • Drive revenue generation through quicker, more accurate and impactful decision making
Mobile employees are constantly moving between customer, partner and company locations. Mobility impacts productivity in a variety of ways. Video communication and collaboration increases understanding between remote workers, teams and entire organizations. EQ Network helps keep workers connected with colleagues and their organizations. EQ Network is a patented a massively scalable automated video network service to solve the complex problem of seamless, simultaneous video delivery on mobile devices, the Web and “over-the-top” connected TV, all from a single instance of the viewer’s account to enable video everywhere. Delivered as a cloud based network service, EQ Network enables its premium content providers to easily upload and share from just about any video source, filetype or camera type. EQN automatically assembles premium, social and advertising content on-the-fly. EQN connects viewers via Facebook® and Twitter® and other social networks enabling video discovery through fans and friends following and video search.
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Customer Video Feedback

EQ Network has the unique feature of collectively capturing videos from customers and users. Video feedback channels can be set up and configured in a matter of minutes. Videos can be easily and instantly uploaded from a user’s device and shared to a group or into secure private channels. Crowd sourced video for branded products can provide a compelling feedback loop for brand managers or a social experience for proactive customers interested in communicating positive testimonials about their experiences with their favorite products and services. Brands can also listen and capture direct customer feedback about products and services highlighted in promotional, informative and influence video commentary. EQ Network directly facilitates written commentary for specific videos, or entire channels. Direct viewer commentary is an excellent way to directly capture accurate and compelling sentiment about new products and service or changes to existing ones.
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